Door Lock Repair North Hollywood

Door Lock Repair North Hollywood

Project Description

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe recently addressed a crucial door lock repair for a homeowner in North Hollywood, CA. The homeowner reported that the key was sticking and not turning properly in the lock cylinder. The lock had also jammed, rendering it inoperable, which prompted an urgent call for professional help. Our responsive team arrived on the same day to tackle the issue.

Scope of the Door Lock Repair

Here is what we did, step by step, to fix the mortise lockset:

Lock Inspection

After a closer look, our locksmith found that the lockset had significant wear and tear. The mortise lockset has scratches and discoloration that point to long-term use and exposure. So, to figure out what was wrong, we carefully looked at the lock cylinder and tested how the key worked.

Cleaning and Lock Lubrication

Next, we cleaned the lock mechanism, getting rid of dust and dirt. Then, we used a high-quality lube to make sure the key would go in and turn with ease.

Lock Part Replacement

We found worn-out pins and a damaged lock cylinder and replaced them with high-quality parts to get the system working again.

Lock Testing and Adjustments

After assembling the lock, we tested the door several times. We checked if the key was working this time, and the lock was engaged firmly with no issues.

Final Assessment of the Mortise Lockset

At last, our locksmith made final adjustments to guarantee that the lock's alignment and responsiveness met our high standards.

The client was overjoyed and felt a wave of relief when our team resolved the lock problem in no time. They were beyond thrilled with how fast and efficiently we resolved the lock issue with their door, all while making sure their daily routine remained undisturbed. This door lock repair not only made their home safer but also gave them a renewed sense of security.

Common Issues With a Mortise Lockset on Your Front Door

Here are some of the common problems you may encounter with a mortise lockset on your door:

Sticking Keys

Always have a hard time getting your key into the lock? This issue is common with mortise locksets, especially in North Hollywood homes. If dust and other small particles get inside the lock cylinder, the key may stick or even become stuck.

Difficult Latching

Has your door not properly latched when you try to lock it? It is not uncommon for the latches in mortise locks to misalign with the strike plate on the door frame. It could be due to the settling of the building or repeated slamming of the door, making it hard to secure.

Worn-out Lock Parts

Have you noticed your door lock becoming increasingly harder to operate over the years? Mortise locksets have several internal mechanisms that can wear down over time, particularly from frequent use. This wear can lead to a lock that is difficult to operate or one that does not engage properly.

Frozen Lock

During the colder months, have you ever found your door lock resistant to turning? Particularly in North Hollywood's cooler, damper seasons, moisture can infiltrate the lock and freeze it, resulting in a frozen shut lock.

Corrosion and Rust on the Lock

Is your front door lock less shiny and smooth than it used to be? Corrosion and rust can be a serious issue for metal lock components, especially in areas with high humidity or salt air exposure. In fact, rust and corrosion can degrade the metal parts of a lockset after a while.

Locksmith Tip: If you experience any of these signs, deal with these problems right away by hiring some top-notch door lock repair services near you. 

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Is your door lock sticking, making it hard to secure your home? Whether it is a sophisticated mortise lock or a standard entry set, Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe offers expert door lock repair services to ensure your North Hollywood home is safe and sound. Our skilled residential locksmiths are fast and reliable so that you can restore your peace of mind and security in no time. Do not let a malfunctioning lock leave you vulnerable to break-ins or lockouts. Call us to fix your mortise lockset today and avoid any of these pesky problems!


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