Commercial Lock Repair North Hollywood

Commercial Lock Repair North Hollywood

Project Description

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe recently undertook a commercial lock repair job for a client in North Hollywood, CA. The building owner called us after they saw signs of attempted forced entry at the front door. 

When our locksmith arrived, we could easily notice a few issues with the door frame and hardware. Upon testing the lock, the latch did not seem to sit flush with the strike plate, which suggested that there may be an alignment issue. This misalignment could prevent the lock from securing properly.

Scope of the Commercial Lock Repair

Here is how we did the lock repair on their entry door:

In-Depth Inspection

Our first step was a detailed evaluation of the lock. Though the deadlatch lock and handle on the narrow stile aluminum door are relatively new, we observed noticeable wear and corrosion, especially around the edges of the lock and door frame. We also found signs of tampering, suggesting a forced entry attempt that could have damaged the lock’s internal mechanism.

Realignment and Cleaning

To tackle this, we adjusted the doorframe and realigned the lock mechanism to ensure the latch and strike plate were in perfect alignment. After that, we cleaned the area around the lock and the aluminum door before proceeding to the final steps of the repair.

Lock Repair and Testing

After correcting the alignment, we addressed the signs of wear and corrosion. That included the application of polymer powder coating around the door frame to prevent the spread of rust. After that, we tested the lock to check if the lock functioned smoothly and securely this time.

Client Feedback and Project Outcome

The client felt a great sense of relief and satisfaction with the quick and efficient commercial lock repair. They were thankful for the high level of expertise and skill that Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe brought to the task of restoring the security of their building’s entrance. This commercial door lock repair did more than just address the issue at hand. It also restored the client’s trust in their property’s safety.

How Does a Deadlatch Protect Your Door From Break-Ins

Have you ever thought about the level of security your commercial door offers against skilled intruders? In North Hollywood, CA, a deadlatch stands as a strong safeguard for businesses. This clever mechanism locks the door from the outside as soon as it shuts. At the same time, it allows an easy exit from the inside without needing a key. What sets the deadlatch apart? It is designed to counter ‘loiding’—an old break-in method where burglars slide a card to push the latch and open the door. With a deadlatch installed, it makes it impossible to mess with the latch from the outside. Thus, it could boost your door’s defense against unauthorized entry.

However, like any equipment, a deadlatch can wear down or become misaligned with heavy use. Such problems can weaken your commercial door’s security. That is where expert commercial lock repair services come into play. Keeping your deadlatch and other locks in prime condition safeguards your building’s security. If you are in North Hollywood, CA, and want to make sure your commercial doors are as secure as they can be, it is crucial to stay on top of lock maintenance and repairs. A well-maintained deadlatch is not just a piece of hardware; it equates to peace of mind.

Commercial Door Lock Repair Near Me

Feeling uneasy about break-ins because of a faulty deadlatch or other lock problems at your North Hollywood, CA, commercial property? Do not let a broken lock put your business at risk. At Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, our commercial lock repair services are here to secure your locks and peace of mind. Whether it is fixing a deadlatch or solving other lock issues, our skilled locksmiths have you covered. Contact us today to fortify your property against break-ins and keep your business secure.

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