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Having a duplicate key is not just a security measure; it’s a peace of mind. Whether you’ve lost your original car keys or find yourself locked out of your own house, our key duplication services are here to provide a convenient solution. Our professional locksmith team and services are always available for emergencies, offering residential, commercial, and auto key duplication services at your doorstep.

Regarding your safety and security in Sherman Oaks, worry should be the last thing on your mind. We offer the most reliable and trustworthy key duplication services for homes, automobiles, and office spaces. Every setting is manageable for our team of devoted and passionate technicians.

Top-Rated Broken Key Extraction Services for Properties

At Sherman Oaks Locks and Safe, we boast a team of skilled, certified, style, and trained locksmiths and technicians. Our professional locksmiths have all the necessary training certifications and in-depth work knowledge. Sit back, relax, and rest assured that your safety is in the hands of the best in Sherman Oaks.

An assurance that your task will be handled to perfection is the experience of the technicians handling your project. Sherman Oaks Locks and Keys has been in the locksmith business for a long time; with time, we have acquired detailed and deep knowledge of locks, safes, the practice, and everything else that encompasses locks and safety. There is nothing new regarding locks and safes with professional experts.

Safety and assurance do not begin when you have a duplicate key; they begin when you work with a locksmith company with valid certifications to operate in that field. Our personal and yet reliable locksmith services have insurance licenses and warranties. That should put your mind at ease about our services’ credibility, dependability, and authenticity.

As technology advances, so does the security system in homes and commercial buildings. No project is too advanced for our experts. We are careful to stay on trend and adapt to all new technologies, systems, and styles regarding locks and safes. We work swiftly with advanced tools to deal with anything, even broken key extraction, for better results.

Emergency Key Duplication Services

At Sherman Oaks Locks and Safe, emergencies take business hours, weekends, and holidays. That’s why our mobile services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether it’s the middle of the night or a holiday, you can count on us to be there when you need duplication services.

Holidays or the sun’s setting, do not cease our locksmith services because we understand that emergencies can be nerve-wracking and need immediate attention every time.

Safety and peace of mind for our clients are our priorities. Our technicians work not only because they know how to replace keys or install locks, but they also work with passion and with our clients in mind. As a result, no project that we do is below the quality you expect.
Experience, expertise, skills, and training all add to the quality and professionalism of our services.

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Key Pointers That Sets Sherman Oaks Locks and Safe Apart from Others

Approved Satisfaction

Professional services

Crafting and offering custom-made security solutions from professionals is what you need. Our services go above and beyond the superficial level. Focusing on details and skills and knowing what we do allows us to operate professionally for our clients and projects.

Professionalism and Expertise<br />

Assurance of quality

With a team of trained, certified, skilled, experienced technicians and high-quality equipment, we offer the best lock services in all aspects. Expect the supreme output every time you work with us. Quality is never questioned, whether a minor standard or complex emergency key duplication.


Response to 24/7 emergency

Sherman Oaks Locks and Safe understands that emergencies can not be put on hold. We are available anytime when needed. Reach out to us, and we will move forward with reaching out to you. Wherever you are in Sherman Oaks, we dispatch our technicians.

Professional Services for Key Duplication

You need to find the best key duplication services in your local area. Sherman Oaks offers various services for duplicating all keys and removing broken keys.

Standard key duplication

If you need extra keys for your padlock, cabinet, or home, look no further than Sherman Oaks. We offer key duplication services for normal or sometimes called standard, keys. Whether you need the keys for your car, your house or office in an emergency, or your future safety guarantee, call our technicians to discuss the services you need and when you need them, and we will work on them.

Specialized key duplication

While most people can work on standard key duplication, we offer services above that. If your key is integrated with high-end technology or a security program for your car or home, we also attend to that. Staying in tune with technology and trends allows us to deal with the duplication of keys with special settings. It can worry some if you have a specialized key; leave it to the experts.

Broken key extraction

Breaking a key in a lock can happen all the time. When you have a broken key, you will need a broken key extraction service and key duplication services at once to replace the broken ones. We come in handy and can cover your services after extracting your key from the lock. A broken key can be inconvenient to anyone who has encountered the situation and often needs expert attention.

Emergency key duplication

Sherman Oaks locks and safe services are not bound by time. We work day and night to deliver services to all clients. Our line is free and can be called anytime when the services are needed. Do not hesitate to call us; our technicians will come to your location and lend a helping hand in an emergency. Don’t stress how you will reach us because we are trying to reach you.

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Q1. How long does a key duplication take?

Making a copy of a standard house key typically takes just a few minutes. With the right tools and expertise, a skilled locksmith can cut a key or produce a copy of a standard key in a few minutes.

Q2. Do I need to replace the lock if the key broke off in it?

Generally, not because we can quickly remove the key components from the lock and have extensive experience. However, sometimes, when amateur attempts to remove the key are made, the lock will become damaged to the point of needing to be replaced.

Q3. How long does it take to extract broken keys?

This process generally takes 30-40 minutes.

Q4. Why should I hire Sherman Oaks Lock and Safe?

You can trust Sherman Oaks Lock and Safe for numerous pointers:

  • Emergency Availability
  • Instant Response
  • Skilled Technicians
  • Decent Track Record
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