Lock Rekey Studio City CA

Lock Rekey Studio City CA

Project Description

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe was called to perform a lock rekey service for a home in Studio City, CA. The client lost the keys to their front door by accident, and now it has compromised their house security. 

Our main goal was to secure the front door by rekeying the lock to prevent the use of lost keys for illegal entry. With this solution, we could keep the existing lock mechanism and avoid the expenses associated with a complete lock replacement. Knowing the urgency, our locksmith came on time to reduce the risk posed by the lost keys.

How Our Locksmith Did the Lock Rekeying

The service involved modification of the front door lock pins and tumblers. Our skilled locksmiths performed the rekeying efficiently, using the latest tools to reset the lock’s pin setup. This change rendered the old keys useless. Then, using 6-pin key blanks, we cut the new keys on the spot and handed them over to the homeowner.

How It Turned Out

In no time, our locksmith did the lock rekeying that the homeowner had as little trouble as possible. After testing out the new keys, the lock was fully working again. Once again, the house is now secure against possible illegal entry without having to get a whole new set of locks.  

Why Is a Lock Rekey Cost-Effective 

A popular choice among Studio City homeowners looking to boost home security without spending a lot is to rekey their locks. It is a budget-friendly option for the following reasons:  

Keep Your Existing Hardware: One of the biggest benefits of rekeying is that you can keep your current lock hardware. Since you are not buying new lock sets, you avoid the costs of new hardware. New locks can be quite costly, especially for high-end locks or custom designs.

Less Labor Cost: Compared to replacing an entire lock, rekeying takes less time and requires less labor in general. Since a locksmith only alters the internal mechanism of the existing locks (changing the pins), the process is straightforward and fast. Thus, this process saves on labor costs, making lock rekeying a more affordable option.

Minimizes Risk: Losing keys can pose a significant security risk. A lock rekey allows you to reset your lock’s mechanism so that any lost or stolen keys no longer work. It is a quick and efficient way to regain control over who has access to your property. Thus, it makes sure your home is safe and sound without the expense of full lock replacement.

Effects on the Environment: By rekeying rather than replacing, you are also making an environmentally friendly choice. You reduce waste by not discarding old locks, contributing to a greener planet.

In conclusion, rekeying your lock is a smart and inexpensive way to make your home safer without lowering its level of safety.

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Ready to give your locks a fresh start without breaking the bank? Consider lock rekeying by Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe. Our team of professional locksmiths is well-experienced in precision rekeying. We get the job done right away, ensuring that your new keys turn smoothly and that your old ones are just old news. Do not wait to enhance the safety of your home—contact us at Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe today. Let us show you why we are the go-to experts in lock rekey services in Studio City and beyond. Your peace of mind might just be a lock rekey away!

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