Smart Lock Installation Van Nuys

Smart Lock Installation Van Nuys

A home baker from Van Nuys, CA, recently contacted Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe. The client was searching for the perfect smart lock for the external door of their kitchen. So when she told us they needed one that could be accessed by fingerprint, we knew exactly the product to recommend. We had installed Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock for past clients and thought it would also be perfect for her needs. So we scheduled the installation for the day after. The installation went easily and was done perfectly in just an hour. The client could not have been happier with the results. As sure as eggs are eggs, she now enjoys working in the busiest area of her home while opening its door using a fingerprint.

Smart locks are a great addition to any home. They are a convenient, modern way to secure doors while still being able to open them with a simple touch of a smartphone. Like in our client’s case, your finger is your key. It also means you can let people in remotely, so you do not have to leave your warm bed to let someone in!

Secure Your Home With the Latest Smart Lock Technology

For those who want a strong, reliable lock for their high-traffic doors, the Secure PRO HT Smart Lock Deadbolt from Lockly is a perfect addition to your home devices. This lock features a 3D fingerprint reader for enhanced security and a PIN Genie digital touch screen for ultimate protection. You can also control it with your voice using Alexa or Google Home and receive real-time status updates. It is easy to install and ideal for busy families or homes with a lot of foot traffic. 

You will appreciate the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity and the extended battery life of this smart door lock. Plus, the 3D biometric fingerprint reader can store up to 99 fingerprints. The lock administrator can also grant access remotely and issue digital keys with specific timed durations, even without an internet connection. 

Do You Need a Smart Lock for Your Home?

There is the right smart lock for you, no matter your door security needs. Our expert locksmiths at Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe listed a few ways a smart lock may improve your busy lifestyle.

Offers Remote Control via an App

Are you tired of searching for your keys in the dark? Or are you worried about losing them on a night out? With a smart home lock, you can control your locks remotely from your mobile device. You can also use these apps to monitor comings and goings and get alerts for any door activity.

Make Use of Keyless Entry Options

There are many ways that you can enter your home without using a key. For example, you can unlock your door with your smartphone or by a custom code number. You can also use voice commands or fingerprint recognition. With a digital door lock, you can always choose the best keyless option that suits your needs. Thus, providing the most convenience and security for you and your family.

The Bottom Line

Smart locks are not suited for every situation, and even the most advanced ones have drawbacks. However, manufacturers have worked to overcome the problems of connectivity and lock durability. Therefore, smart locks are upgrades you should undertake with caution. That does not mean they are ineffective, though. Instead of taking a chance on a potentially faulty door upgrade, take precautions by installing safeguards like emergency battery nodes and PIN protections. That can make your smart lock ultimately functional and stylish!

Locksmith Near Me

If you want to modernize the lock hardware on your doors, Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe is here to help you. We offer products from top smart lock brands, including Schlage, Kwikset, Lockly, and Yale. Let our locksmiths help you find a smart lock that matches your lifestyle, whether you want something modern or classic. Never search for keys again! Instead, call us to learn more about our products and locksmith services.


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December 19, 2022

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