There is a good chance that smart door lock options are on your radar. Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find a modern home without a door lock. So it makes sense that the technology is converging with the smart home industry. With a smart door lock, there is more than just getting into your home. You can keep intruders out, use your phone to unlock the door automatically, and receive alerts in case of break-ins.

Buying the right smart lock is incredibly important, as it can make or break home security. When faced with many options, though, consumers have yet to learn how to choose between them. Are you new to the world of smart door locks? Then turn to the expert locksmiths at Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe for advice. We will walk you through the buying process and point you toward smart locks that are best for your needs.

Choosing the Best Smart Door Lock

Consider why you want the best smart lock for your home

The first thing to ask about a smart door lock is why you might want one. There are a few reasons someone might want or need smart locks for home use. They can be more convenient than traditional locks, though they are not necessarily more secure. Most smart locks still use door-locking mechanisms. They offer more convenience concerning operation and control. However, remember that smart locks, on their own, will not make any door or home more secure.

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Check your door and frame for compatibility with the smart door lock

Doors come in all shapes and sizes, whereas smart locks are not created the same. Note that smart locks can only work on certain types of doors. So it is important to check for compatibility before you buy. For example, some smart locks will not work if your door has no sliding bolt or knob at the top. Check the measurements of all aspects of your door and frame — including the width, depth, and height. After measuring the threshold of your door, contact Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe to compare it to our compatibility chart.

Choose between a keypad lock or a wireless smart door lock

These are the two main types of smart locks. Keypad locks require a code to get the lock to open and can only be changed with a new lock. Wireless locks grant access via an app on your phone and can be updated as often as needed. When choosing the lock type, think about how people would get in and out of your home. Do you have friends or family who always come over without notice? Then consider installing the ULTRALOQ smart lock. They do not need to download an app to access your smart lock front door. Instead, you can do it via an app on your phone.

A user inputting code into a front door smart lock

Think of the wireless connectivity you have in your home

The most crucial thing to know about smart locks is how they operate. There are three main types; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave. Bluetooth operates through a mobile phone connected directly to the lock. That is great for quick access but suffers from a limited distance and battery drainage. Wi-Fi smart locks give a larger range and longer battery life, but you need a network for them to work. Smart locks with Z-Wave technology work by linking to Alexa voice commands, but they rely on certain doorways 

being hardwired. Wi-Fi may be the simplest method because it is most likely already installed. However, a Z-Wave compatible lock will need a Z-Wave network to function.

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