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When this law firm in Studio City, CA, recognized their old electronic safe lock was not doing the job, they contacted us for safe locksmith service. We advised them to go with American Security's ESL20 safe lock as it checked all the boxes in terms of security requirements. They happily accepted our recommendation, and we quickly started the installation. The lock installation took less than an hour, and the client was more than pleased with this purchase. They said it was a vast improvement in their workspace security!

As the world changes, we must be mindful of how technological advances can impact our lives. The advent of technology has ushered in the era of digital locks and safes. These locks are considered to be the future of conventional locking systems. Are you familiar with electronic safe locks? Let our safe experts at Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe discuss this topic in detail. 

What Is an Electronic Safe Lock?

To better appreciate electronic safe locks, let us first see how a mechanical lock operates. To open up a mechanical safe lock, you need to spin the combination dial and enter the right combination. When the tumblers are in the right position, the door will unlock.

More advanced than traditional locks, electronic safe locks require a four- to six-digit combination to be entered on an electronic keypad to open. When the right combo is put in, it will engage the mechanism, allow the handle to be turned, and open the safe door.

Why Electronic Safe Locks Are Better than Traditional Locks

Switching to an electronic safe lock has several advantages, including the following: 

Ease of Use

Electronic locks for fire/burglary and gun safes are easy to use and do not need the user to keep track of a key or remember a combination. Furthermore, the lock's keycode can be changed as needed, making it more convenient for the user. Most models also have a light on the keypad, making access easy even in the dark.

Mechanical safe locks require a precise combination to unlock the safe. As a result, they can be troublesome for some people. In addition, it takes longer to spin the dial than enter a code (as with electronic locks). Moreover, changing the combination of a mechanical safe lock cannot be done on one's own. Instead, a professional locksmith must do it.


Locks come in many forms, but none are more reliable than electronic locks. These locks are less likely to break and last longer than traditional ones. They have also evolved a lot over the years, making them just as dependable as any other type of lock.

Enhanced Security

You can configure several features on an electronically locked safe to increase its security and dependability. These features include:

• Dual controls, which require two separate combination entries to function.

• Dual token mode, which doubles your protection.

• Time delay options, which can be set to allow the safe to be opened after a short delay period.

• Duress mode allows you to trigger a silent alarm that notifies the authorities of an emergency.


As technology advances, so does the security of electronic safes. It makes it more difficult for criminals to penetrate them. So choosing an electronic safe is the best way to ensure maximum security.

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Are you thinking about getting a lock for safe but do not know where to start? At Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, we specialize in installing and repairing electronic safe locks. No matter what type of safe you have, our experienced locksmiths can help you keep it secure. We understand the need to protect your valuables and will work diligently to ensure that your safety is in good working order. Contact us today for all your safe lock needs!

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