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Project Description

A shop owner in Sherman Oaks, CA, contacted us for commercial locksmith service. One of their front doors was having problems latching. Upon inspection, our technician figured out that the panic bar's latch was misaligned with its strike plate, causing it not to engage as it should. The misalignment had also caused damage to the latch, compromising its security capability. We replaced the damaged latch with a compatible counterpart and got the panic bar working again. Since we had trouble finding parts for their panic bar, we recommended that the client replace it with a newer model, which they will do on our next visit.

Panic hardware, such as panic bars, is an important aspect of a secure commercial building. These devices are used in an emergency and by those who need to quickly escape from a dangerous situation. Panic bars are a great asset, especially in a commercial building where many people pass through during the day. When they do not function properly, they become a danger to the people they intend to protect. Unfortunately, many common issues with these devices can cause them to malfunction in emergencies. 

What are the most common panic hardware problems?

Improperly installed panic bar

You could tell right away when a panic bar was not properly installed. For example, you could see gaps where it did not line up with the door frame. It would also look like it had been forced into place, not screwed in like it was supposed to be. Panic bars that are not properly installed could come dislodged during an emergency. As a business owner, you should ensure that the individual installing the panic bar on your doors is a qualified professional. Not only will that make you feel safe, but it also ensures your facility meets all safety requirements.

Stuck panic bar

You would think that because panic bars are fairly resilient and built to be easy to clean, they would not accumulate much dirt and debris. However, these devices can accumulate dirt and debris in the cracks and crevices. Too much grime getting inside can prevent the bar from releasing when pushed inward and cause it to get stuck in a closed position. Occasionally clean your panic exit bars to prevent these kinds of problems.

Wrong type of secondary locks

Working with a professional locksmith is important when installing secondary locks on an exit door with a panic bar. They understand how panic bars work and the codes that accompany them. Without this knowledge, the lock could be installed incorrectly and prevent the panic bar from opening the door as intended. For example, installing a bolt lock on the door could mean it will still be closed even when someone tries to push it open during an emergency.

Is maintenance important for panic hardware?

Ongoing maintenance is critical to keeping building occupants safe, though many often ignore it. Even though regular building maintenance is required, safety measures like door hardware should also be kept in good condition.

Maintaining panic bar hardware is especially crucial for buildings where they are installed. These bars could save lives in an emergency requiring a quick escape, such as a fire. It is the very reason that they were invented in the first place.

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