Door Lock Repair Sherman Oaks

Door Lock Repair Sherman Oaks

This Sherman Oaks, CA, homeowner’s front door handleset began to malfunction, so they contacted us for a lock repair service. The thumb latch was hard to press, and the keys occasionally got stuck in the keyhole. Our inspection revealed that rust had developed on the lock’s mechanism, resulting in sticky operation. We dismantled the lock and cleaned the internal parts. We also applied a special all-weather lubricant to the lock for the smooth operation of the lock mechanisms. After that, the handleset worked as well as it did when it was new. 

Installing the right door locks is incredibly helpful in making your home secure. However, just as crucial is the need to repair and maintain them. A broken door lock can leave your family vulnerable to intruders, so it should be fixed quickly for the safety of your home and loved ones.

Common Door Lock Issues

Although a faulty mechanism or broken latch assembly is the most common problem with door locks, they can also develop several other issues, including:

  • Dusty or dry lock
  • Ill-fitting lock
  • Misaligned strike plate
  • Loose doorknob
  • Broken key inside the lock
  • Why Do Door Locks Become Loose?

    Loose locks are a common problem that often affects interior doors with keyed lever door knobs, particularly bathroom and bedroom doors. A loose lock may result from a slipped locking mechanism, which prevents the internal parts of the lock from connecting properly. It can also result from regularly rotating the handle too far or children hanging onto the handles.

    Simple Solutions to Try if Your Door Lock Is Not Working

    Door lock issues can be a headache, but if you identify them early, you can fix them yourself. So, do not ignore minor issues like a loose lock or one that sticks when you turn the key. Here are several ways to fix common door lock problems without needing to call in a professional.

    Sticking Door Locks

    Dryness and dirt are common culprits of a sticking door lock or deadbolt. Apply powdered graphite or a dry Teflon lube spray to the keyhole to fix this problem. Exterior doors can benefit from a commercial lock cleaner sprayed into the keyhole, which will dissolve dirt or debris. Compressed air can also be used to dislodge dirt in your lock.

    Frozen Door Locks

    Door locks are susceptible to freezing in cold weather climates, preventing you from inserting or turning your key. Try using a hairdryer or soaking the key in hot liquid to thaw your lock. You can also place it in a pot of hot water. 

    Broken Key in the Lock

    To remove a broken key, grip it with needle-nose pliers and pull it straight out. If that does not work, cut off a coping saw blade and insert it into the keyway with the teeth pointing outward. Then try hooking and dragging the key out. If that fails, a stiff wire inserted into the cam slot at the lock cylinder’s back should push the key out. 

    Call a Locksmith

    A broken lock can only leave your home at risk. Entrust any repair to a lock and key expert who can work quickly, efficiently, and effectively. A professional locksmith can quickly repair broken hardware or install new locks, guaranteeing the reliability and efficacy of all mechanisms.

    Lock Repair Near Me

    Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe is here to help you with your residential locksmith needs. From lock repairs to full installation services, our team is here to help. We offer various lock brands, so you will find the perfect one for your home. We also offer key replacement services to keep your home safe and secure. Call us now for free estimates!


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