Safe Installation North Hollywood, CA

Safe Installation North Hollywood

Project Description

This client in North Hollywood, CA, wanted to keep some important things and documents safe, so they hired Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe to install a secure safe. We sent them a couple of options, and they chose this Sentry Safe EF3428E Executive Fireproof Safe model. This heavy-duty safe protects against theft, fire, and water. It also has a programmable electronic lock and locking bolts for added security. Since we had it in our stock, we arranged a time to install the safe. When our expert locksmiths got all the tools and the stock ready, we went on for this safe installation job. 

With expertise and care, our locksmiths placed the client's safe in a secured area in their home. We carefully bolted it down to the floor, ensuring it would stay in place even if someone broke in or in case of unexpected disasters. Once the safe was set up, our locksmiths told the client how the locking mechanism worked. We told them to set a unique code because it would serve as their key. We also pointed out the value of limiting access to their trusted family members. After the job, the client thanked us for giving them peace of mind with their newly installed safe.

Many invest in such safes to keep their precious items from prying eyes and hands. But where should you put a safe so your belongings are as safe as possible? Even though there is no perfect spot in every home, some rules can help you pick a good spot.

Best Place in a House to Install a Safe

Have you ever thought about where to put your safe at home? You may think as any spot will do, but some places are better than others. Each house is unique. So no spot can be guaranteed to be ideal for every home. With our expert guide, we can give you tips on where to put a safe and explain why it makes a difference.

In Case of a Burglary

Look for a spot that gets little traffic or is hard to find. It should be out of sight and built into the house. We suggest putting it in a coat closet or closet in a guest room. The safe should be built into the wall and covered with a door that matches in, or furniture can be built around it to match the closet.

For Fire Safety

The second greatest danger to your residence is fire. The most secure place for placing a safe is where two outside walls meet. It offers the greatest security and support for a heavy safe. The safe should be kept on the ground floor of a home with multiple floors. Moreover, if your home or condominium has an emergency system, installing it within the sprinkler's range is a good idea.

Should There Be Flooding

Ensure the safe is placed above ground level so your valuables are not damaged or lost in a flood. In places that flood often, it is best to build a concrete or steel base for the safe to stand on. The base can be fixed to the house so the safe is at least two feet off the floor. Even though fire safes are usually water resistant to some degree, it is best to store important papers, electronics, or photos in a waterproof container just to be safe.

No matter where you choose to install, it is essential to keep the following in mind:

• Ensure the safe is firmly attached to the floor or wall to avoid theft.

• Consider hiding the safe with furniture, rugs, or other things to keep people from breaking in.

• Avoid placing the safe in areas prone to natural disasters, like basements that are likely to flood or places that could start a fire.

• Talk to a professional locksmith or safe installer to evaluate your case and suggest the best place to install your safe.

Safe Service Near Me

Wondering where to put your safe in your home? Do not just hide it in a corner! With Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, we can get your safe installation job locked in. We know how crucial it is to keep your valuables safe and secure. That is why we offer professional locks and safe services for all types of safes and models. With years of experience in the industry, our certified locksmiths are ready to install your chosen safe quickly and efficiently. So do not waste time worrying about potential thieves targeting what is yours. Rely on our experts for safe installation services; we will get it done in no time. Call us today for free estimates.

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