Handleset Door Lock Van Nuys

Handleset Door Lock Van Nuys

Project Description

The handle set door lock on the patio door of this Van Nuys, CA, client's home had been having a closing issue lately. Sometimes the door latched; other times, it would not. So with a simple push, anyone can still open the door. That left their home vulnerable to possible theft and other crime. Worried about their safety, they called their local locksmith company, Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe. They explained how badly they needed repairs, so we hurriedly responded. When we got there, we quickly figured out what was wrong. The latch was not hitting the strike plate because it was not aligned. That striking left marks above the strike plate hole on the door frame each time it closes. Even though it was a small problem, it caused much trouble for the family. Our residential locksmith removed and re-centered the strike plate so the latch would fit perfectly again. Upon closing the door, it latched into the strike plate tightly as if it had never had a problem before. After this simple fix, we taught them basic upkeep and reminded them to lubricate it once in a while. Now they can relax, knowing the door will close securely every time.

A door lock is important, especially when trying to get in or out of the house. If it starts malfunctioning, it can cause you a lot of headaches and hassle. With the help of our locksmith experts, we can help you figure out what is wrong and how to fix the handleset door lock. Let us go over some of the most common problems and show you how easy it is to make your locks as good as new. So no matter what issue you encounter, you can get back to enjoying the comfort of your home in no time.

How to Fix Common Problems With the Front Door Handle Set

Front door handle sets can have several problems that can render them useless. Here are some usual issues with front door handle sets and possible ways to fix them:

Loose or Wiggling Handles

Handle sets can get loose over time, making the handles move around or feel shaky. To fix this, find the set screw on the bottom of the handle and tighten it with a suitable screwdriver. It should hold the handle firmly in place.

Hard-to-Turn or Stiff Handles

If the handles are stiff or hard to turn, it could be because of dirt, rust, or normal wear. Start by carefully cleaning the handle set and removing any dirt or debris from the mechanisms inside. Use a silicone-based lube on the moving parts to see if everything works smoothly.

Misaligned Latch or Deadbolt

If the latch or lock does not align with the strike plate on the door frame, the handle set may not work right. Check the alignment by closing the door and looking at how the latch or deadbolt hits the strike plate. Adjust the strike plate or the position of the latch or lock to get a good fit.

The Key Turns but Does Not Unlock

If you turn the key in the lock, but the door would not open, there may be a problem with the internal parts. Take the door's handle set off and look at the lock cylinder to see if it is broken or clogged. If needed, clean and lube the lock cylinder. If the problem continues, consider changing the lock cylinder.

Broken or Damaged Components

Handle sets include parts like handles, clips, and lock cylinders. If any of these parts are broken or damaged, it may be necessary to repair them. Contact a local locksmith or the handle set maker to get the right replacement parts, then install them according to the directions.

Worn-Out Springs or Internal Mechanisms

With regular use, the internal parts of a handle set can wear out, which can cause many problems. In this case, it is best to call a professional locksmith to fix or replace the broken parts.

Remember that it is best to call a professional locksmith if you are unsure you can fix the problem on your own or if it keeps happening after trying to fix it. They have the knowledge and tools to find and fix complicated problems quickly and effectively.

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