Safe Installation North Hollywood, CA

Safe Installation North Hollywood, CA

In this project, Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe helped a discerning client in North Hollywood, CA, with a safe installation. They sought a reliable safe to store their guns and other valuables. After careful thought, they found the perfect safe that matched their needs. This National Magnum 25 by Liberty Safe. Our safe locksmith first did a full site survey to find the best spot in the home for security and ease of use. That meant checking the vault’s structural stability, access points, and environmental factors that might affect how well it works.

The boltwork system was an important part of a safe’s security. Our team installed the National Magnum 25’s heavy-duty locking mechanism, comprising solid steel bolts and a high-security combination lock. That guarantees a very secure door. We put the safe through a series of strict tests to ensure it worked and had the right security features. That included testing the locking mechanism, fire resistance, and security systems. 

Responsible gun ownership means more than just having guns; it also means storing them safely. A gun safe protects your guns, family, and property from accidents and theft. While a secure garage door keeps your home safe, a gun safe is your first defense against gun theft.

Safeguarding Your Firearms: Choosing the Right Gun Safe

When shopping for a gun safe, there are a few important things you should look for to make sure your guns are safe and secure. Here are the key features to prioritize:

Security and Locking Mechanism

Choose a gun safe with a strong locking system. A few examples are safe with electronic keypad locks, biometric fingerprint scanners, or traditional combination locks. Ensure the lock is tamper-resistant and reliable.

Fire Resistance

Look for a safe with a high fire rating. A safe that can withstand fire for at least 30 minutes to an hour at high temperatures is ideal. It is very important to keep your guns safe from fire damage.

Size and Capacity

Think about how many guns and other items you want to store. Pick a safe that has enough space for your collection and accessories, as well as adjustable shelves.

Bolt-down Capability

Make sure the safe already has holes made in it so you can bolt it to the wall or floor. That makes it harder for thieves to take the safe.

Warranty and Customer Support

Pick a gun safe from a well-known company that offers a good warranty and helpful customer service. That gives you peace of mind and helps you if something goes wrong.


Look for safes tested independently and certified by organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for their security and fire resistance ratings.

Safe Locksmith Near Me

If you are in Sherman Oaks or North Hollywood and need trustworthy safe and locksmith services, look no further than Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe. Our dedication to providing top-tier installation and repair services for gun safes guarantees the security of your firearms and valuables. Your safety is our priority, and we take pride in delivering unmatched craftsmanship and precision. Do not compromise on security—contact Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe today for the peace of mind you deserve. Your protection is our commitment.



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November 6, 2023

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