Ignition Lock Repair North Hollywood

Ignition Lock Repair North Hollywood

Project Description

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe recently did an ignition lock repair in North Hollywood, CA. The client owned a 2017 Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which had trouble locking the ignition switch lately. We learned the owner had taken off the key lock switch and then put it back on without properly aligning the tumblers. 

When we checked, we realized the key was not turning on the ignition switch because the tumbler was stuck. We removed the ignition switch and then realigned the tumblers down the shaft. We sprayed a dry lube resistant to dirt and dust to keep the internal parts from sticking. This lube made the movement smooth, which let the key turn and lock as it should have. Our auto locksmith did multiple tests after the repair to make sure we fixed the problem completely. The owner was happy with the professional job that was done on time. 

An important part of a car or motorcycle is the ignition switch, which does many things, such as starting the engine. It also controls the flow of electricity to important parts and turns on electrical devices. Some models even have a fork lock built into the ignition switch for extra safety and ease. It lets riders lock the front fork and turn off the electrical systems with just one key and mechanism. It also has safety features that stop dangerous situations, like starting the engine while the bike is in gear. Overall, the ignition switch is an important part of how well a motorcycle works and how safe it is.

Common Ignition Switch Problems

Key Would Not Turn

• Stuck tumblers: Lock tumblers can get stuck or out of place at some point.

• Worn-out key: Worn or damaged keys may not function correctly in the lock.

Ignition Lock Jamming

• Dirt and debris: Dirt, grime, or foreign particles may interfere with the lock’s mechanism.

Intermittent Electrical Issues

• Loose connections: Loss of connection between the lock’s wires can lead to random electricity issues.

Failed Security Features

• Transponder problems: Some modern ignition locks have a transponder chip that may malfunction.

The Key Broken Inside the Lock

• Weak or damaged key: For security reasons, keys can break inside locks, making them useless until you remove the broken part.

Wear and Tear

• Age-related deterioration: Internal lock components may wear out over time, making turning or inserting the key difficult.


• Environmental factors: Humidity and other conditions can make the lock less effective by causing rust and corrosion.


You can avoid or fix these ignition lock problems by regular upkeep and repairs when they wear out. If you experience any of these issues, getting help from a professional car locksmith is usually best.

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Have you ever turned your key only to have nothing happen? We have all been there, and we know how frustrating it is. At Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, we can get you back on the road in no time. Our car locksmiths are experts in ignition lock cylinder repair and other issues with car locks. Whether your motorcycle’s ignition switch or any other part of your car lock system gives you trouble, you can trust us. 

So why struggle with an unreliable ignition lock when a trusted solution is just a call away? Call us if you need help, from stuck tumblers to transponder key issues. Get the quality repair you deserve and regain peace of mind on the road! 

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