Lock Repair Sherman Oaks, CA

Lock Repair Sherman Oaks, CA

Project Description

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe quickly responded to a call from a homeowner in Sherman Oaks, CA. They had an issue with a mortise lever set on their screen door that was not working right. The lever handle would not spring back as it should, which worried the homeowner about safety. Upon arrival, our locksmith got straight to work to do the lock repair.

Scope of the Lock Repair


We first assessed the lever handle to understand why it was not springing back, identifying the need for both repair and lubrication.


The locksmith disassembled the lever handle, adjusting and fixing the components that had caused it to lose its spring action.


After the repair, we thoroughly lubricated the lock mechanism to ensure smooth operation and prevent future issues.

Safety Checks Reminder

Before leaving, we advised the homeowner on the importance of periodically performing safety checks on all internal and external doors. This step is crucial to maintain their functionality and security.

The client was in awe of our quick response and efficient work, which sorted out their problem. With our team’s hard work and efforts, we fixed the lock and lessened their worry. It made their screen door work perfectly again, and it did not cost them an arm and a leg. This fix really made them feel more at ease and boosted their trust in what we do. But why do door handles get stuck? Let us find out.

Why Does the Lever Door Handle Not Spring Back?

Have you ever pushed down on a lever door handle in your Sherman Oaks, CA home, only to find it stubbornly refusing to spring back? This common issue can turn a simple task like opening a door into a frustrating ordeal. A stiff door handle can be a real nuisance. When a lever door handle does not spring back, it is a clear sign of trouble with the lock’s mechanism. Here are five common reasons this happens:

1. Worn-Out Springs: Springs inside the handle lose their tension in the long run. Replacing the springs or the entire handle should fix it.

2. Dirt and Debris: Dirt buildup can obstruct the handle’s movement. Cleaning the mechanism thoroughly often solves this issue.

3. Misalignment: The door handle and lock mechanism might be out of alignment. By adjusting these parts to align properly, you can restore functionality.

4. Loose Components: Screws and fittings within the handle can become loose. Tightening them can bring back the handle’s spring action.

5. Damaged Internal Mechanisms: Broken parts inside the lock can prevent the handle from working correctly. It might require a more detailed lock repair or replacement of the damaged parts.

Why Should You Call a Lock Repair?

If you let a lever door handle that does not spring back go unchecked, it can snowball into more serious issues, such as trouble locking your door properly. At this point, it not only jeopardizes your security but might also impact how well your whole door functions down the line. If you are in Sherman Oaks, CA, and you are facing this problem, take it as a clear signal to reach out for professional lock repair help. By tackling a sticky door handle early, you can spare yourself some headaches of dealing with a faulty door later while making sure your home stays safe and secure. It is a smart move to call a locksmith Sherman Oaks expert for a quick fix.

Locksmith Sherman Oaks Near Me

Are you having trouble in Sherman Oaks, CA, with a lever door handle that would not move? Do not let a pesky problem become a big security risk. At Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, we offer lock repair service to fix those annoying lever door handles and any other door lock repair needs you might have. Our team of skilled residential locksmiths is ready to make your home’s locks safe and useful again in no time at a fraction of the cost. Call us right away to get our expert locksmith services and protect your peace of mind.

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