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door lock repair north hollywood

Project Description

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe was contacted by a North Hollywood, CA, resident who needed help. Upon arrival, we found that the door would not open because the key was spinning in the lock. After inspecting the door lock, we found some loose set screws were loose, causing the key to turn in the cylinder. We disassembled the deadbolt lock and replaced the set screws with new ones. Before reinstalling the lock, we greased it with white lithium grease to prevent rust. After some successful tests, we completed the door lock repair job within one hour. The homeowner thanked us for our prompt emergency locksmith service.

Several things could go wrong when your key keeps turning in your door lock. In the worst case, you may be locked out of your property. It is important to note that attempting to fix a key that keeps turning in a door lock on your own can be a bad idea. Not only could you end up damaging the lock further, but you also run the risk of breaking your key. Then, you would have to hire a locksmith, which would cost more than expected. 

So before attempting any DIY repairs, you must be fully aware of what you are doing and what is at stake. It applies to commercial door locks, residential door locks, and car door locks alike. Determining why your key turns in the door lock can be challenging. However, the solutions are relatively easy to implement once you do.

Early Signs of a Failing Door Lock

Loose Door Handle

Usually, a door handle that is not tight indicates an issue with the door lock. In most cases, this is due to a set screw that is not tight within the door handle or knob. Unfortunately, many overlook this sign and have a key that continuously turns in their door lock. Sometimes, this may be caused by a piece of the lock’s internal mechanism becoming dislodged.

Difficulty Turning the Key in the Lock

Your key becoming harder to turn in your lock is a symptom of door lock failure. It is often a sign that parts involved with engaging or activating your lock are not functioning properly. Forcing your lock to work under these circumstances may result in a broken key or even a lock. Either way, you will end up with a hefty bill.

Lock Cylinder Turning

The set screws that hold the cylinder in place can become damaged or rusted over time, which can cause the whole lock to turn. It is dangerous as it could prevent you from gaining entry to your home or allow strangers access to your home anytime. You will need to replace the damaged or rusted set screws to fix this problem. It may require removing the faceplate or part of the lock.

Contact a Professional Locksmith

It is common for door locks to get stuck, but it is important to figure out the reasons your key keeps turning in the lock before attempting to fix it. Remember that identifying the problem is only half of the solution. The next step you will have to take is to contact a professional locksmith to help you handle this issue. Trying to fix a door lock on your own can damage it, so it is always best to call a locksmith and describe the problem in detail.

Locksmith Near Me

We understand how frustrating and inconvenient being locked out of your home can be—especially in cold weather. That is why Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe is here to help, offering the most skilled and qualified locksmiths to fix your locks quickly. Give us a call for free estimateswe are always here to help.

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