Car Key Duplication Van Nuys

Car Key Duplication

Project Description

A client from Van Nuys, CA, came to our Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe shop to get duplicate keys made for their car. His son recently got his driver's license and would share the car with his wife. Rather than deal with the hassle of passing keys back and forth, the client chose to make duplicates. However, because he had a laser-cut key, regular locksmiths could not make copies of it. Fortunately for this client, we had a cutting-edge laser key-cutting machine that could do it quickly and easily. We completed the car key duplication in a few minutes, and when we tested it, the key fitted well into the keyhole. The client was delighted that he did not have to travel far to get it done. And his son was ecstatic to have his first car key!

A new car usually comes with two sets of keys from the dealership, one for everyday use and the other as a spare. However, if you buy a used car, you will likely only receive one key. If this is the case, you must make duplicates soon. But why is having a spare car key important? The professionals at Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe have listed some of the main causes for needing extra car keys:

Why Do You Need Extra Car Keys?

Convenience for Multiple Car Users

A spare key for your car can be extremely helpful in several situations. For instance, if you live with a spouse or family, it eliminates the need to pass a single key back and forth between people whenever someone needs to use the vehicle. Also, modern cars store settings like seat adjustments, mirror position, and temperature settings in keys. Having separate keys allows you to have settings matched just for you on your key. In other words, a spare key can save you a lot of hassle and potential arguments down the road!

Avoid the Cost of Losing Keys

Here are a few inconveniences to consider when you lose your only car key:

1) You must call a tow truck and an emergency car locksmith service.

2) You will likely have to take your car to the shop to change the locks and ignition. It can be expensive, especially in California, where labor rates are high.

3) There is always a risk that the mechanic will damage your car while trying to get into it.

Prevent Lockout Due to Broken Keys

Most people use their car keys daily, leading to wear and tear over time. Everyday use can eventually cause your key to stop working properly or even break. Without a spare key, you will be stuck in a difficult situation. Fortunately, getting a duplicate car key made from an original copy is relatively easy and affordable. So please do not wait until it is too late and get your car key duplicated as soon as possible.


Immediately protecting your vehicle after your car key is stolen is important. A spare key at home can come in handy in this situation. You can call your friend or family member to bring the spare key when moving your car to a secure location. A duplicate key will also make it easier to change the locks, should you need to do so.

Car Locksmith Near Me

Do you need a new car key replacement in Sherman Oaks, LA, or the surrounding communities? Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe can cut any key you need, including proximity keys, key fobs, chip keys, and more. Plus, we can program the keys for you if your car has a transponder system.

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe has advanced laser key machines to cut any car key type available. We are the leading car locksmiths in Sherman Oaks, LA, and we will make sure the job is done right. So do not wait and get your new transponder key cut with us today! Call us at (818) 817-8008 to schedule an appointment.

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