Why Is It Important to Have a Spare Key for Your Home!

Many homeowners do not feel the need for spare keys until they find themselves locked out of their home. By the time they regained access into their house, they were already late somewhere, and their day had been effectively thrown off track. Indeed, getting a key duplicated is something many people do not consider necessary until it is too late.

If you want to avoid such pitfalls from happening to you, spending some time and a small amount of money for key duplication service is very much worth it. Having a spare set of keys for your home can reduce stress, both emotionally and financially. There are more benefits to having a spare key for your home, and we will run them down in this article.

  • Spare keys are helpful during accidental lockouts

Lockouts are a part of life. There is no telling when they will happen, so it is best to be prepared before they do. Have more than one spare set of keys and keep them in a hidden location. The stress and frustration of being locked out of your home can be avoided if you have a spare key kept somewhere, whether in a secure location at your workplace or a relative or friend’s home nearby.

  • Spare keys save time and money

Lockouts are not just frustrating and inconvenient. They also cost time and money. Instead of wasting time frantically calling your family members or waiting for the residential locksmith to come, you can instantly get inside your home using the spare key tucked away in your car’s glove compartment. Duplicating extra keys is also cheaper than calling a mobile locksmith to cut you new keys or replace your lock. A set of spare keys will save you hours of waiting time and possibly hundreds of dollars worth of stress.

  • Spare keys help preserve the good condition of original keys

Using spare keys as your everyday key minimizes the chances of damaging the original keys. Each time a key is used, its ridges come in contact with the pins inside the lock. This will eventually dull the ridges of the key. Furthermore, worn keys are prone to breaking. Using the original set and the spare set alternately will help extend the life of the keys, especially the original ones.

  • Spare keys make key replacement easier

A locksmith can replace your lost or broken key by cutting a new one from a blank key. However, they will always ask for the original key to use as a template for duplication. In general, it is not a good idea to make a copy of a copy. Although it is possible to have a duplicate key made without the original, keys are more accurate if they are copied using the original keys. That is why it is recommended that you have a set of spare keys for everyday use and keep the original keys as a backup set. 

  • Spare keys allow access to other family members

Locks typically come with two or three original keys. Ideally, you need to keep one of these original keys as a spare. If there are more than two members in your household, you definitely need extra sets for everyone. Giving each family member their own set of keys is really helpful when you are not around. It eliminates dependency on one person to open and lock the exterior doors. This is particularly convenient when the person carrying the keys is away.

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