One of the most popular services locksmiths offer is key duplication. Because of their ability to work with different kinds of keys, locksmiths are still in high demand. In addition, it gives peace of mind knowing that you can always rely on a locksmith to offer you the exact key you require if your keys get lost or stolen. Although locksmiths can duplicate keys of various types, it helps that you know which key types they can copy and which ones they cannot. Read on and discover more about the most common keys a locksmith can duplicate.

Key Types That Locksmiths Can Duplicate

Knob lock keys

Any locksmith Los Angeles can duplicate knob lock keys, and they can do it quickly.

Deadbolt keys

residential locksmith can easily make copies of all three types of deadbolts: single-cylinder, lockable thumb turn, and double-cylinder.

Padlock keys

Locksmiths are experts in key-based padlocks, but it is worth noting that some padlocks are designed to prevent the duplication of keys. If you are still determining if you can duplicate your padlock key, ask your locksmith which type of lock you have.

Mechanical cut keys

Locks of doors in homes and commercial spaces commonly come with mechanical cut keys. However, they are only cut on one end, with a ridge pattern that connects to the lock on the other.

Mechanical cut car keys

Mechanical keys are simple for auto locksmiths to make and copy with a cutting machine. However, chain stores may not have the best equipment or professionals for the job, so it is preferable to let a locksmith do it for you.

Transponder keys

Duplicating transponder keys is something that any competent automotive locksmith should be able to do. Using your transmitter, a car locksmith can find your key code and duplicate it into a blank, fresh one.

Safe keys

Safe keys are designed with distinct patterns for maximum safety. However, specialized locksmiths can duplicate them depending on their type and feature.

What About Keys Marked “Do Not Duplicate”?

There is no legislation prohibiting the copying of any key, including “Do Not Duplicate” keys. Business and property owners inscribe “do not duplicate” on keys to control security infractions by others who have acquired possession of them. This engraved phrase is not legally binding but merely a security feature that deters others from duplicating a key. Nevertheless, it is not illegal to make copies of them, and a locksmith Sherman Oaks can readily duplicate these keys.

Key Types That Are Impossible or Hard to Duplicate

Restricted keys

Restricted keys come with patent-protected designs to make them more secure. Only the manufacturer has the duplication rights over restricted keys, making it illegal for any locksmith to duplicate them. Licensed locksmiths with special equipment and a lot of training may be able to duplicate restricted keys. They must verify the identity of the client making the request and prove that the original owner has given permission.

Keys with electronic components or movable mechanisms

Keys with electronic components or moving mechanisms in the key blank are difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate. To prevent duplication, some companies have gone so far as to include these keys with computer chips, magnets, and various metal combinations.

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