Keyless entry systems represent one of the most recent advancements in automotive technology. As cars have become more sophisticated, so have the locks and keys that secure them. Once a fairly simple mechanical device, today’s car locking mechanisms are much more complex. Car makers use advanced technology to create a more secure key system. This continual improvement has been going on for over a century. Each new generation of car keys offers greater security and convenience than the last.

In the early days of motoring, drivers had to carry two sets of keys. One is for the door and the other is for the ignition. However, in the 1960s, the combined door and ignition key were invented. It made life much easier for drivers who only had to carry one set of keys around. Then, in the 1980s, the remote keyless system (RKS) – also known as a keyless entry – was introduced. This system allowed drivers to remotely operate their car door locks by pressing a button on their key fob. This technology then developed into the smart key fob. It uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to passively unlock a car nearby without needing a physical key.

The keyless entry technology is more convenient and efficient, making it a logical choice for the future. However, advantages and disadvantages exist for everything, no matter how advanced or sophisticated.

Advantages of Keyless Entry

A keyless car does not need to use a key to unlock the doors or start the engine. This type of car is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenient features.

For instance, it may be challenging to look for your keys if you are holding groceries. You might also not want to search for your keys if you recently had your nails done. These potential annoyances are eliminated by a keyless vehicle. Your car and keys include sensors that enable them to automatically unlock the door when you approach from a distance. Modern SUVs come equipped with hands-free kick sensors, which open the tailgate automatically. Most keyless cars use a key fob that allows the vehicle to be started without needing a key.

Auto-Door Lock System

Do you ever find yourself walking away from your car, only to wonder if you locked it? Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence. Do you sometimes see someone taking a quick step back towards their car to check? Great thing about the keyless entry system is that doors lock automatically as soon as you walk out of range. This way, you do not need to worry about whether or not you left your car on or unlocked.

No Car Lockout

There are now smart key fobs that come with proximity sensors. These sensors can tell if the car is off and the key fob is inside the vehicle. If the key fob is inside the car, it will not automatically lock. This feature prevents you from accidentally locking your keys in the car.

Tougher to Break Into

Potential thieves face more of a problem with keyless vehicles. Sure, they may find a way to lower it or break a window, but how will they start the car? They will have to trick your automobile into believing they have the right key fob by using a sophisticated application. Although it may be simple to access, it is only available to those willing to create such a device themselves or spend a significant amount of money purchasing one from the deep web. While away, you will not need to be concerned about someone picking the lock on your unattended automobile.

Disadvantages of Keyless Entry

It May Be Expensive

When choosing a keyless car, be sure to pick the best model for you. Keyless cars can be expensive, so you want to ensure you get one that will last. Also, remember that even though other models might have more appealing features, you will eventually need to replace both the car and the key fob due to wear and tear. Reprogramming and replacing a key fob is much more expensive than simply getting a new key.

Key Fob Left Inside the Vehicle May Get Stolen

As technology advances, we can do more things without physically touching them. It can be helpful in many ways but also creates new opportunities for theft. For example, if you leave your fob in your car, it becomes much easier for someone to steal your vehicle. As a result, the number of stolen vehicles is increasing due to this crime.

Losing the Key Fob Can Get You Stranded

What if you lost your key fob at the mall? You could lose something much harder to find instead of something that jingles when moved. One of the biggest disadvantages of keyless cars is that it is expensive to replace. Also, if you leave your key fob inside your vehicle while you are shopping, you will not even be able to find your key fob, including your car, because it was probably stolen. A regular car might be a little easier to return to in these situations.

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