Owners of non-residential properties will, at some point in time, need a locksmith service. The number of potential concerns in business security is far more than most homeowners will ever have to deal with. Businesses of every scale and type should work with a reputable commercial locksmith provider. If you are looking to improve the security of your business, you must know the importance of hiring the services of a commercial locksmith.

Understanding the difference between residential and commercial locksmith services

Many business owners think it is acceptable to hire a single professional to do both residential and commercial locksmithing. They may seem one and the same, but the fact is residential and commercial locksmiths serve very different purposes. It is essential to know the distinction between the two to make it easier to understand why you should hire a commercial locksmith and not a residential one.

Residential locksmiths are called in to help out with lock installation, maintenance, and repair of home locking systems. They can rekey locksets, duplicate lost keys, and even install sophisticated electronic keypads for homes and apartments. They are specialized in home security systems, but not all can handle the varied needs that commercial establishments have. Although they may have an expert understanding of the different kinds of locking systems, they are not commercial security experts.

On the other hand, professional commercial locksmiths are trained to handle the high security demanded by business and commercial spaces. They typically work in a larger locksmith company and are capable of dealing with complex locking and electronic security systems. They have expertise in master key systems, which are important for controlling and restricting access in commercial facilities. They can also handle industrial door locks, fire doors, filing cabinets, and safes, stuff that residential locksmiths do not usually deal with. Furthermore, they are often certified by specific manufacturers and locksmith associations.

What can a commercial locksmith do for you?

Commercial locksmiths can do new lock installation, lock and key repair, rekeying, and other common locksmithing services. However, they are experts in far more than just door locks and keys. Professional commercial locksmiths are updated in the latest advancements and upgrades in commercial security. Electronic and digital locks are quickly becoming the standard in office buildings, apartment complexes, warehouses, and other commercial facilities. Commercial locksmiths can help plan electronic locking systems and handle all aspects of installing and maintaining electronic locks.

Commercial locksmiths also design master key systems so establishment managers can have complete control over the premises. They also provide services for all kinds of locks other than door locks. They can recommend and install commercial security safes and expertly unlock or repair file cabinets without damaging their contents.

Best of all, a reputable commercial locksmith provider will always be available for emergency services. Commercial lockouts, break-ins, and other security issues can happen anytime, so a commercial locksmith company available 24/7 is an invaluable asset for every business owner. Having extensive training and adequate certifications, these professionals have the right solutions to any commercial security issue you may have on your premises.

Choosing the right commercial locksmith Sherman Oaks provider

Whether you are a business owner or the facility manager of commercial space, it would be prudent to have a reliable commercial locksmith in your contacts list even before the need arises. Trust the experts of Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe and provide yourself peace of mind with our service! From installation to maintenance and replacements, our lock and key technicians can tackle any request. Backed with years of experience and excellent customer feedback, we provide high-quality services and get the job done — without compromising security.

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