Fob Key Replacement Encino, CA

Fob Key Replacement Encino, CA

Project Description

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe got a call from a car owner in Encino, CA, who needed a fob key replacement for his Porsche. He had lost his key fob while hiking and did not think it would be easy to find. So we asked for the car's manufacturer, model, and year to track down a replacement key. Fortunately, we found one that worked with the car's model. We showed up at the client's location, and after confirming his vehicle ownership according to regulations, we programmed the new key fob to work with the car. The vehicle responded to the new key, and the owner was able to drive it home. He was happy with our help and thanked us for our quick response.

What to Do If You Have Lost Your Car Key Fob

You have probably lost your car keys at one point. Unfortunately, statistics show that nearly 25% of Americans lose or misplace their keys at least twice a week. While there is a difference between losing and misplacing something, if you are sure you have lost your key fob, you should take some important steps. So let us talk about what to do if you lose your key fob.

Prepare Your Vehicle Information

Before anything else, you will need to have your vehicle documents ready. The locksmith will require information about your car to replace your lost key fob. You should know your car's vehicle identification number (VIN) and its make and model. With this information, the locksmith can confirm that they are creating the right key for your particular vehicle. Auto key programming is very important because it is more complicated than just making a key that fits a lock.

Call an Automotive Locksmith

When you need a new car key, the best place to start is with an auto locksmith. They will be able to create a new key for you quickly and easily, and it will likely be less expensive than going to the dealership. Furthermore, many locksmiths operate after regular business hours so that you can get your new key fob right away. Just be sure to check the locksmith's credentials and track record first to make sure your key is in good hands.

Think About Getting a Spare

If you are getting a new key fob programmed, you may also want to get a spare made. Having a backup can be useful, even if it costs more. Also, keep spare keys handy when you misplace them or lock them inside your car. It is especially important if you tend to forget things easily.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Locksmith

To find the best car locksmith, you can ask for recommendations from trusted friends and neighbors. Then, check the websites of each business to see if they offer auto locksmith services. Be sure to inquire about the technician's credentials as well. Some locksmiths will require client identification, which is important for the security of your vehicle. If you are uncomfortable providing this information, you may consider other options.

When you require a car locksmith, it is important to do your research and find a reputable one. Checking out a company's website or giving them a call can help you learn more about their services. Be sure to note any businesses that offer unique services, like unlocking cars with the keys inside, as these may be worth considering. Additionally, keep an eye on the cost-to-value ratio and the quality of services when making your decision. To get an idea of what different companies charge, you may want to request a free quote.

Replacement Car Keys Near Me

At Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, we understand how frustrating it can be to lose your car key. That is why we have a team of experienced locksmiths who can quickly produce a fob key or replacement car key. In addition, we are available 24/7 to provide any lock or locksmith services you may need. So call us now for fast, reliable service.

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