Business security technology is constantly changing. There are always new approaches and breakthroughs to keeping data, inventory, property, employees, and customers safe and protected. Access control systems are a must-have for business establishments as they improve security in many ways. Do you already have an access control system for your business or office? Then this article will explore your other options in greater depth to help you see the benefits of an upgrade.

What Is Access Control?

Access control is a component of business security that limits company information and resources’ access and use. Access control policies ensure users have proper access to data and resources through authentication and authorization. By validating someone’s identity through PIN, keycard, biometric reader, or other means, access control allows only certain persons to enter particular locations.

Types of Access Control


Basic Intercom System

This system uses two-way voice communication to allow users to converse back and forth. For example, visitors or staff might be permitted entry after the audio verification. 

Turnstile Gates with Card Reader

Turnstile gates with card readers feature electrical sensors that collect information. These range from fobs, keycards, tags, or smart cards to assess whether or not a pedestrian should be given access. 

Swipe Readers

Swipe readers provide access when a card or fob is pulled through or swiped through a magnetic reader to confirm the data stored on the card.

Photo Identification Systems

This system enhances the card with a photo of the end user. That allows security officers to provide visual evidence that the individual seeking access is who they say they are.

Proximity Readers

Instead of manually swiping the magnetic stripe of a card or a fob through a reader, proximity readers detect them to grant access to the end user.

Biometric Readers

Facial recognition, fingerprints, hand geometry, retinal scans, and voice recognition are all examples of biometric readers. These devices allow people to enter based on their physical characteristics.

Why Update Your Access Control?

In addition to providing additional security, access control also increases operational efficiency and security by eliminating the need to rekey or replace lost keys due to personnel turnover. It also improves monitoring as you can track who is coming and going and visitor and attendance information. In addition, you can customize credentials for personnel and trusted providers, allowing for more efficient operations.

Access control also provides valuable insights to help you run your firm more efficiently. For example, it allows you to track when your employees’ clock in and exit so you can manage your payroll efficiently. In addition, if you can forecast when people will be in various building areas, you can save money on heating and cooling. It can also help you plan future building purchases or improvements based on occupancy. You may discover more applications for this technology as you learn more about the many types of access control available.

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