Commercial door locks are an important part of any establishment. They are designed to protect properties and ensure the safety of employees and customers. Different types of businesses operate in different types of buildings and different areas. Therefore, they have different needs for their commercial door locks. With thousands of unique locks on the market and many more being introduced now and then, selecting one can easily get overwhelming. If you are a business owner, it pays to know the different types of commercial door locks and their working.

What Are Commercial Door Locks?

Commercial door locks are more robust and secure than residential ones. Commercial-grade locks are designed specifically to cope with the higher level of use and abuse and more frequent usage.

There is a range of door locks that meet the security standards for commercial use. These range from mechanical to electronic models certified to withstand the rigors of a commercial environment. Whether you are considering a traditional key-and-lock or an advanced digital access system, there is sure to be an option suitable for your establishment’s security needs.

A fingerprint commercial door lock

Commercial Door Lock Types

Locks with Cylindrical Levers

Drilling two circular holes is all it takes to fit a cylindrical lever lock onto a door. Such locks are simple to install, highly resistant to vandalism, and offer long-lasting performance. They remain the most widely used type of commercial door lock, coming in many variations like functions, grades, styles, and finishes.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks stand out for their durability and reliability. Though the initial cost of a mortise lock may be higher than that of a cylindrical lock, it is certainly worth investing in due to its superior craftsmanship. 

However, creating a pocket on the edge of the door for the lock case necessitates precision cutting that needs to be completed with care. Therefore, installation requires particular expertise and is best left to a certified locksmith rather than attempting it as an amateur. 

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks may be the ideal choice when seeking additional security for your business. Featuring a bolt that requires a key or thumb turn to open and not being spring-loaded, these locks offer an optimal level of protection against forced entry. In addition to providing a secure solution, they are easy to install and suitable for all common door models.

Electronic Commercial Door Locks

An electronically powered one may be the way to go if you seek a key-free lock solution. This type of hardware utilizes digital codes or biometric identification, meaning superior security compared to traditional keys alone. Even more secure than a regular keypad lock is one with a cylinder or override feature. However, you must discuss these requirements with an experienced commercial locksmith to decide on the best choice.

Cylindrical Knob Locks

Despite their ease of use, cylindrical knob locks are not widely employed in establishments that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). That is because these locks can be challenging for those with limited mobility to operate. Therefore, you should only install these locks in entrances exempt from ADA requirements.

Commercial Door Locks Grades

There are two grades of ANSI/BHMA-certified locks: Grade 1 and Grade 2. The grades represent different levels of performance.

A mortise commercial door lock

ANSI Grade 1

Locks that are graded 1 are usually for commercial use because they are very strong and secure. They can go through 800,000 cycles and six-door impacts and have a 360-pound load put on them. Additionally, they can withstand 250,000 cycles and ten-door strikes with a hammer.

ANSI Grade 2

Locks come in different grades, with 2 being the lightest-duty commercial lock. However, these are generally insufficient for most commercial buildings. They can only withstand 400,000 cycles, four-door strikes, and a weight of 250 pounds. A 150,000 cycle and 5-door-strike hammer test is too much for them to handle.

Ensuring that your workplace is equipped with top-notch door locks for maximum security is vital. Researching different types of locks to determine which fits your safety, privacy, and security needs best can provide you with confidence knowing that your workplace is well-protected.

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