A key lock box is an essential security measure for any home, office, or construction site. They are affordable, simple to install, and can provide peace of mind in knowing your keys are safe. You can install key lock boxes in just minutes; this blog post will show you how.

What Is a Key Lockbox and How Does It Work?

A lockbox is a secure container that stores keys safely and conveniently. Real estate agents, Airbnb hosts, and business managers frequently use a key lock box. Lockboxes are often looped around door knobs, railings, or fences outside properties. Some models can be permanently mounted onto walls or other flat surfaces. Most modern lockboxes require a four-digit security code to access the contents.

a key lock box on a commercial door

Setting up the Key Lock Box

Start setting up a lockbox by selecting a code of numbers. Then, on the master lock, there is a switch that allows you to set the code. For example, for a Master Lock 5401D wall mount lock box, the initial factory-set combination is 0-0-0-0.

  1. Open the storage space door.
  2. Push the reset lever down and left, then leave the lever in this position.
  3. Turn the dials to the desired combination.
  4. Return to the original position by pushing the reset lever up and push it to the right.
  5. Close the door to the key storage box.
  6. Set the combination dials to random positions to lock the door and hide your combination.
  7. Push the shutter door shut.

Installation of a Wall Mount Key Lock Box

To complete this project, you will need a pencil or marker, a Phillips head screwdriver, a level, and a drill with a drill bit. On some surfaces, you may also need anchors and a hammer.

  1. Open the storage space door.
  2. Place the lock on the preferred surface.
  3. Check the lock’s vertical alignment using a level.
  4. Release latch.
  5. On the surface, make a mark where the screw holes are located.
  6. Make holes.
  7. If required, set anchors with a hammer.
  8. Position lock.
  9. Place screws, then tighten them.
  10. Shut the compartment door.

It is advised that you install a lock box next to your entryway. It will ensure that anyone visiting your property for the first time can easily access it. We also advise installing a second lock box with a different code in a secret location. It is because there may be times when a household member forgets to turn in the keys and leaves the premises with them still in their pockets. If this happens, you can be locked out of the property. In addition, a second lockbox will allow you to give someone entry even when you are not home. While the initial cost of setting up a second lockbox may be $30, it is worth it for its peace of mind.

Are Key Lock Boxes a Good Investment?

A key lock box is a great way to keep your keys secure and is not too expensive. You can expect to pay around $30-$40 for a good quality one. But they are definitely worth the investment and will give you confidence knowing that your keys are safe and sound.

a key lock box on a residential door

How Do You Choose the Best Key Lock Box?

There are many types of key safes on the market, and choosing one that will meet your needs is important. Some key safes are more secure than others, so consult the nearest locksmith company to find the best product for your needs.

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