Smart car keys have become the norm in our fast-paced world today, making our lives easier and safer. No more fumbling with standard keys. You only have to push a button to start your car. But what happens if you lose your key and do not have a spare? Duplicating smart car keys is not as easy as going to the local hardware store. Yet, worry no more. This blog post will give tips and advice to help you through the process. Whether you have owned a car before or are new to the world of smart keys, keep reading to find out how to protect your car with ease and security. Let us get started.

What Exactly Are Smart Car Keys?

Also known as keyless entry systems or remote keyless entry (RKE) systems are high-tech electronic devices that make driving easier and keep cars safer. In most new cars, these keys have mostly replaced actual keys. Here’s an easy way to explain it:

A fob-type of smart car keys

Two Common Parts of Smart Car Keys

Key Fob: A small, handheld device that talks to your car directly. It has electrical circuits and buttons that do different things. These features include locking and opening the car doors, starting the engine from a distance, opening the trunk, and turning on the car’s alarm system.

Immobilizer Chip: In the key fob, there is a microchip with a unique identification code. When you hit a button on the key fob, you send a code to the car’s computer system. If the code matches the one saved in the car’s system, it allows the car to start and the doors to open.

Advantages of Smart Car Keys

Convenience: You do not have to put a key in the ignition or physically lock and unlock the doors. Instead, you can do these things by pressing a button from a distance.

Security: Smart keys use encrypted communication, which makes it hard for thieves to receive and copy the signal from the key. Each key also has a unique code that adds an extra security measure.

Advanced Features: Some smart keys have advanced features like keyless ignition, which lets you start the car without inserting the key fob. A keyless entry, which instantly unlocks the doors when you get close to the vehicle.

Understanding your smart key system’s work is important since car makers may offer distinct features and technologies. Also, you need to know how to make copies of and handle your smart car keys so you always have a spare in case you lose one, or it breaks.

Tips for Duplicating Smart Car Keys

Duplicating smart car keys can be harder than duplicating regular ones because smart keys often have electronic parts. They have transponders or remote entry features that make it harder to copy them. Here are some ideas on how to make copies of your smart car keys:

Talk to a professional

Most models and types of cars have specific smart car keys made for them. They are usually hard to copy without special tools and know-how. It is best to call a professional locksmith or a dealership that deals in your car’s brand.

Provide proof of ownership

When you ask for a copy of a smart key, you usually have to show proof that you own the car. It can be the vehicle’s title, license, or other proof of ownership.

Visit the car dealership

Most of the time, the best place to get a copy of your smart key is where you bought your car. They know how to do it, have the right tools, and can get the codes they need to create a new key. Be ready to give your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and any other information they might need.

Independent locksmiths

Some may have the tools and skills to make copies of smart keys, but choosing a respected locksmith with experience with your car’s brand and model is important. Check reports and ask people what they think.

Additional Tips

Avoid online sellers

Be careful about buying smart keys from online sellers, especially if they say you can program them yourself. Many current car keys need to be programmed in a certain way that experts best do. Cheap, non-OEM keys may not work right or damage your car’s protection system.

Know the costs

Replacing or duplicating smart keys can be expensive. There may be fees for programming and work on top of the cost of the key itself. Before you start, clearly understand how much the whole thing will cost.

Make extra keys

If you still have one smart key that works, making extra keys while the original one is still good is a good idea. If you lose or break your only key, it could save you time and money.

Test the duplicate key

If you get a copy of your smart key, do not forget to test it to see if it works. That means trying the features of the remote entry, starting the car, and making sure it can connect to the security system in your car.

Keep records

Write the serial number, the key code, and directions for programming your smart key. This knowledge can help if you ever lose or break a key and need to replace it.

Be ready to program

Depending on the make and type of your car, programming a duplicate smart key may require specific steps like entering a programming mode or using a diagnostic tool. Do what the professional locksmith or store tells you to do.

A locksmith making a copy of a smart car key


Remember that the process for making copies of smart car keys can be very different based on the make and model of your car. So it is important to talk to experts who know your car needs. Also, always put security and authenticity first when working with smart keys. It will keep your car from being stolen or used by someone who should not have access to it.

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