Do you you have a commercial space? Then you know the importance of investing in commercial door locks to deter theft and burglaries. Study commercial door locks also help keep your staff and customers secure. There are a variety of commercial door locks to choose from. Each type provides different levels of protection. In this article, we will look at the most common types of commercial door locks and the important considerations when buying them.

Types of Commercial Door Locks

Cylindrical lever locks

Cylindrical lever locks have a handle on both sides of the door and a small cylinder inside the locking mechanism’s body. These locks available in different designs for aesthetic purposes. However, they lack the functionality for more advanced security features like remote door unlocking and commercial keyless entry. You can install this lock on interior doors that do not require a lot of security.

Mortise commercial door locks

Mortise locks feature a commercial door strike plate with a deadbolt inside the lock body. A pocket in the edge of a door is required for mortise locks, into which the lock case is inserted. This type of lock is generally more expensive than cylindrical lever locks. However, they are stronger and have longer service life. Do you want a traditional lock that can withstand high traffic and abuse? Then this heavy-duty commercial door lock is right for you.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are frequently used in combination with other types of door locks. They are easy to set up on most doors and provide an additional degree of security. Manual unlocking is the most typical method for deadbolts. Businesses with remote and keyless deadbolt choices can use commercial magnetic door lock systems and automatic door lock systems.

Magnetic shear locks

Magnetic shear locks, which use an electromagnet and include a shear keeper and lock bolt, are ideal for any style of door frame construction. In the event of an emergency, the shear keeper is designed to disengage from the lock bolt easily. Because of their combined electromagnetic and mechanical locking systems, magnetic shear locks are suited for high-security buildings, and they provide a strong physical shear holding force.

Electronic locks and smart locks

Electronic door locks come with a variety of features and capabilities. That makes them a popular option for business owners to keep workplaces and buildings safe. These locks do not require keys to operate. Instead, they use a PIN code, swipe card, or mobile credential to open the door. Commercial electronic door lock systems include smart door lock systems, keyless door locks, and keypad door locks. These are now very common in commercial applications due to their versatility and simplicity.

Biometric commercial door locks

Instead of a physical key, biometric door locks employ personally identifiable information, such as fingerprints, facial geometry, and retinas. When the scanner recognizes an authorized user, it will ask you to enter a PIN to unlock the door. These locks are designed to enhance convenience by eliminating the need to keep track of a key. Smart locks, on the other hand, come with a fail-safe key in the event that the batteries or electricity operating the lock fail.

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