Security-wise, a sliding glass door is one of the most vulnerable parts of your house. These doors are easy to break into and usually are not well-secured, so robbers love to target them. However, you can take a few easy actions to make a sliding glass door safer and less enticing to intruders. Continue reading for expert tips on securing sliding glass doors against burglars.

How to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

Improve privacy

Homeowners love sliding glass doors because they let natural light into the house. However, they also give everyone a view of the inside of the house, which is a serious security risk. Potential burglars can readily see anything inside a sliding glass door, including appliances and other valuables. Covering your door is a simple solution to this problem. In addition, you can put long drapes or simple vertical blinds to open and close.

Vertical blinds, unfortunately, are prone to breaking, especially if you have dogs or toddlers. Sliding panels or shutters, which open and close but are not as flimsy as vertical blinds, are another stylish but expensive option. If working on a tight budget, you can opt for privacy window film to allow light in while blocking an outsider’s view and keeping intrusive eyes out of your home.

Use a security bar

When seen plainly through the door, sliding door security bars serve as a visual deterrent to potential robbers. You can choose from two options: pressure-mounted and screw-mounted. The first option works like shower curtain rods without drilling holes in the jamb or wall. All you have to do now is slide the security bar into the sliding door’s track or the middle of the door, adjust the length, and you are done.

The second option is “Charley bars,” which require drilling to screw in one side. When not used, the bar pivots on the back hinge swing up and stay out of the way. This type provides more reliable protection than pressure-mounted bars, which can shake loose and fall.

Install a door alarm and a glass break sensor

Door alarms and glass break sensors are not the best options for securing your sliding door. They are more like a valuable addition if you have already reinforced the door. However, if you do not want to spend much, a magnetic door alarm and a simple peel-and-stick glass break sensor are two of your best options.

The first is a basic device that consists of two components: a magnet and a sensor. You must install them so that the two sections separate when the sliding door opens and the alarm activates. It is a fantastic, low-cost burglar deterrent that offers additional security to your sliding door.

When someone plans to smash through the glass panel of a door without opening it, a glass break sensor comes in handy. It is cheap, operates on batteries, and is simple to put together: peel and glue it to the glass. It senses vibration and activates the alarm if it exceeds the threshold level. If you do not have security film placed, a glass break alarm can assist keep the potential intruders out by acting as a visible deterrent (the back of the alarm has a warning label).

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