Safe Services

Safes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes in order to match any type of security need.  At Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, we can assist you with a variety of Safe Services, including:

  • Safe Installation – If you need a safe and would like to install one on your property, we can help.  We can install floor safes and wall safes and help determine a good location for a standalone safe or gun safe.
  • Safe Opening and Safe Cracking – If you have a safe that you cannot open, then give us a call.  We know how to safely open all types of safes with different security levels so that you can get your valuables back.  For some types of safes, we may be able to provide you with a new combination or key, allowing you to retain your security if your combination has been compromised.

At Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, our team works with any type of residential and commercial safes, including:

Standalone Safes

Security Safes

Wall Safes

Floor Safes

Gun Safes

Jewelry Safes

Fire-Resistant Safes

And More!

Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe is open around the clock and offers 24-hour mobile services.  Visit our online store or come to our store in Sherman Oaks to learn more and ask about our Free Consultation.  We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee nothing but the best safe installation and delivery for your security needs.  Should you need a safe installation Sherman Oaks or safe repair, you know who to call.

Other Services


Keeping your most personal belongings safe is extremely important. We provide locksmith services that will make sure that you feel safe at home.



Making sure that your office is secure as employees, clients and customers come around day in and out is important. We can make sure your building is secured perfectly.



We have years of experience working on all types of auto locks. We have the skills and abilities to help out quickly. We can work with nearly all types of automotive keys.


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