While you can replace a broken lock, rekeying an existing lock offers more benefits than just replacing it. There are many aspects of home security, but one of the most important is protecting your lock and key. Door locks are one of the first lines of defense against intruders. Therefore, ensuring yours are always in top condition is essential. In instances like after a break-in or when moving into a new home, you need to rekey a lock. No matter the reason, there are some general guidelines for when you should rekey your locks. But first, let us know what it means by lock rekey.

What Is Rekeying

Rekeying differs from lock change, where the locksmith changes your old lock with a new one. Rekeying a lock allows you to keep the same lock but replace the working key. A locksmith does lock rekeying by disassembling the lock and replacing some internal components, like the key pins or tumblers. Replacing these parts is a simple procedure that will render the old keys useless in conjunction with the existing lock. Rekeying a lock is usually less expensive than changing locks. Changing the key pins inside the locks is cheaper than paying for all new components when you change a lock.

A locksmith rekeying an external door

When to Have Rekeying

You are moving into a new residence

Rekeying the locks whenever you move into a new house or apartment is a smart idea. It is especially so if the residence was previously owned or rented by someone else. This way, you can be sure that nobody else but those you trust has access to your new home. Have your external door locks rekeyed by a reputable locksmith company such as Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe. It is a practical way to give yourself some peace of mind.

Your locks are old but not too worn

Rekeying your locks is an excellent option if you are concerned about your locks wearing out. An older lock can be broken into with just a bit of competent lockpick. That is because lock mechanisms can become worn out and unclean over time. A thorough rekeying process includes drilling new holes for the lock cores, and replacing lock mechanisms and locking pins. A new set of pins restores the strength of the lock.

Your keys were lost or stolen

Rekey your locks immediately if you suspect your keys have been lost or stolen. It is imperative to rekey if your keyring has any information about your address or building access codes. Rekeying locks is a cost-effective way to ensure no one can access your property using your lost keys.

When to Have a Lock Change

Your locks are simply too worn for rekeying

If your locks are too old or damaged to be rekeyed, you may need to replace them. Consider installing models with small format interchangeable cores (SFIC) when you replace your locks. You can change only the core’s locks when the locking mechanism begins to wear out instead of the entire unit.

You are upgrading to a better security system

Changing your locks is an excellent start if you want to update your security system. As technology advances, so do locking systems. Smart locks and key fobs are becoming more popular as they offer tighter security than traditional locks. Moreover, with digital features like Bluetooth-enabled keys, you can control who has access to your home. Plus, you would not have to worry about losing physical keys.

A locksmith rekeying a front door

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