Safe Lock Repair Sherman Oaks

Safe Lock Repair Sherman Oaks

Project Description

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[et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"]A business owner in Sherman Oaks, CA, contacted us at Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe. They could not open their safe despite entering the right code. Our technician inspected the safe and discovered that the locking mechanism was malfunctioning and needed to be replaced. Our locksmith opened the safe using other methods, disassembled it, and removed the old locking mechanism. We then replaced it with a new, more secure mechanism that will work better in the future. Additionally, some internal parts have been adjusted to make opening the safe easier. After testing, the results were positive, and the client was grateful for the quick and effective safe lock repair service.

The electronic safes market is booming as more people seek ways to secure their cash, documents, and valuables. While these products are generally sturdy and require little maintenance, some common problems can arise. Fortunately, you can resolve most of these issues with simple adjustments or repairs. Here is how to troubleshoot some of the most common safe problems.

Common Safe Issues You Should Know About

Lockout Mode

Unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct codes into an electronic safe can cause it to emit a rapid series of beeps. As a result, the safe will reject future attempts to open it, even if you enter the correct code. It is known as the lockout mode. It is a setting that prevents unauthorized users from repeatedly guessing codes to access the safe. If this happens, you will not be locked out permanently. Depending on the specific model, you usually only have to wait 10 to 30 minutes before trying again.

Jammed Handle

New safe owners often run into the problem of the jammed handle when they open their safes. The issue occurs when the handle is fully pushed in one direction. Fortunately, this has a simple solution. First, find the midpoint of play for the handle and re-enter your code to solve it. Your safe should then open without any trouble.

Dead or Low Battery

The first sign that your electronic safe's batteries are dead is usually a long series of beeps when you input your code. The safe will also show a warning message on the display panel. Low battery warnings can mean the safe will not open, so checking before assuming something is wrong is important. Batteries should last up to two years. So a dead battery is probably to blame if yours has been used for longer than that. On the other hand, neglected batteries for an extended period may corrode. That could lead to a far more costly issue.

Damaged or Disconnected Wiring

Electronic devices often have loose, kinked, or cut wiring. To fix this issue, remove the keypad and inspect the wires. Next, unplug the wire from the keypad and remove the batteries. Then, after waiting at least 20 seconds, reinstall the batteries and reconnect the wiring. It is important to have a professional safe technician fix any damage or cuts to your wiring. Make sure to mention the type of keypad you have when you call so that they can bring the right replacement.

Contact a Safe Locksmith 

It is time to call in a safe locksmith when none of the above mentioned methods for opening a digital safe have worked. Your digital safe is most likely one of the more secure models, so the experts will know what to do. They can also advise if purchasing a new safe for your home or business is the best option.

Locksmith Near Me

Do you have a safe that you cannot open? You may need a locksmith to repair a lock for your safe! Either way, Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe can help. We are experienced in the locksmith field and safe cracking, and can provide quick, efficient services. Call us now for free estimates on your safe lock repair or mobile locksmith needs.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]


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