Keypad Lock Installation Sherman Oaks

Keypad Lock Installation Sherman Oaks

Project Description

This business in Sherman Oaks, CA, hired Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe to help make the building's rooftop access safer. The client came to us to install a reliable and robust keypad lock system on their rooftop door. The goal of this commercial keypad lock installation was to improve the property's security by controlling who could access the rooftop area. At the same time, the client wanted to make the door still easy for authorized staff to use.

Scope of the Keypad Lock Installation

Site Assessment and Consultation

To begin, our commercial locksmith did a full on-site inspection, including the door's material and frame structure. We paid attention to the client to find out what their goals and security needs were. During this consultation process, we were able to make sure that the installation met all of their specific needs.

Product Selection and Procurement

After a careful assessment, we recommended this Trilogy keypad lock system for its durability and reliability. We ensured our choice met the client's expectations for security standards and aesthetics.

Installation Planning

We carefully planned where to put the keypad lock to make sure it worked well and was easy to use. The plan included details about the mounting hardware, wiring, and power source. We also planned for any changes that needed to be made to the door to make room for the keypad lock.

Installation Execution

Our locksmith expertly installed the keypad lock. We did so by following the industry's best practices and the manufacturer's guidelines. We did everything possible to make sure that the installation was tamper-proof and would work with the current security system.

Programming and Testing

As soon as the keypad lock was in place, we programmed it to meet the client's access control needs. We also put the lock through a lot of tests to make sure it worked perfectly. That included checking user codes, online access, and emergency overrides.

Training and Handover

We made sure that the client's designated staff knew how to operate and manage the keypad lock system with a product demonstration. Also, we provided detailed user manuals and ongoing support to ensure ease of use.

Maintenance and Support

To make sure that the system works well for a long time, we offered the client a maintenance plan. The goal is to check and service the keypad lock system regularly to spot and fix any problems right away.

Project Outcome

Our commercial locksmith service met the client's needs for better security and ease of access. This project showed how dedicated we are to creating custom security solutions that safeguard our clients' valuable assets.

Enhancing Rooftop Security: Keypad Door Locks for Commercial Facilities

Keypad door locks on your commercial facility's roof doors are a smart and effective security measure. These locks offer a high level of security as users need to enter a unique code for access. They also eliminate the need for physical keys, so lost or stolen keys are less likely to compromise security. It is also easy to change access codes on keypad door locks, giving you more options and better control over security. By having this modern security solution, you can bolster the overall security of your facility and protect valuable assets within.

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Do you own or run a business in Sherman Oaks, CA, and need professional locksmith services? Then, Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe is the one to call! Our professional team has the expertise and skills to install, repair, and maintain commercial door locks, including keypad locks. We dedicated ourselves to giving you the best security solutions, and your peace of mind is our top concern. Do not take chances with the safety of your business. Contact us to set up an appointment for a locksmith service.

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