Commercial Locksmith Sherman Oaks, CA

Commercial Locksmith Sherman Oaks, CA

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With the growing security concern, a Sherman Oaks, CA client recently contacted Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe. They needed to replace their storefront door lock as the old lock was outdated and no longer functioning properly. Our commercial locksmiths quickly responded to the call and arrived on-site to assess the situation. After examining the existing lock, we recommended a heavy-duty deadlock as a replacement. This secured lock is designed to resist forced entry, making it an ideal choice for commercial properties. Upon their approval, we began the installation of the new deadlock. The client was extremely satisfied with the quality of the work done and the timely completion of it. By the end of the day, they can finally feel safe knowing their business is better protected. Thanks to Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, all their worries were gone.

With the increasing security threats, businesses need to invest in robust commercial door locks. Without the right locking system, companies face a high risk of theft, break-ins, and other security breaches. In addition, deadlocks are noted for their endurance and strength. No wonder they are an ideal choice for businesses looking to strengthen their security measures. In light of this, taking the necessary precautions to shield assets and personnel should be considered a priority.

What Is a Commercial Deadlock?

A commercial deadlock is a type of deadbolt lock designed for commercial buildings, such as offices, stores, and warehouses. It is typically larger and more durable than a residential deadbolt and is designed to withstand heavy use and abuse.

Commercial deadlocks use keys on both sides of the door for enhanced security, unlike residential deadbolts. In addition, they typically have a larger bolt that extends further into the door frame, providing added security against forced entry.

The Types of Commercial Deadlocks

Mortise deadlocks: This type of deadlock consists of a lock body installed into the mortise in the door and a strike plate installed into the door jamb. The lock body holds a bolt that provides added security against forced entry by extending into the strike plate. Due to their construction, these deadlocks offer a unique level of security for any building. 

Mortise deadlocks offer an array of distinctive finishes and styles, adding a touch of elegance to your business front door. That is why adding mortise deadlocks and other security measures, like access control systems and security cameras, are part of a building’s comprehensive security plan.

Cylindrical deadlocks: These are a type of deadbolt lock installed on the door’s surface instead of being mortised into the door edge. With a keyhole on one side and a thumbturn on the other, they are easy to open and close from both sides. What is more, its bolt extends into the door jamb to further enhance your security.

Cylindrical deadlocks are often used with other types of locks, such as mortise or electronic locks, to provide a multi-layered approach to security. They come in various finishes and styles to match the décor of the door and can be installed on both exterior and interior doors.

Why Install Deadlock on Your Storefront Door?

There are several benefits to installing deadlocks on commercial doors, including:

Enhanced Security: Deadlocks are designed to resist forced entry and provide additional security to commercial properties. They are much stronger and more secure than traditional spring-loaded locks, making them an effective deterrent against intruders.

Increased Safety: Deadlocks can help keep employees and customers safe by preventing unauthorized access to the building. That is particularly important in high-traffic areas, where many people are coming and going throughout the day.

Lower Insurance Premiums: Many insurance companies offer security-related discounts to businesses. Installing deadlocks on commercial doors can qualify a business for lower insurance premiums.

Versatility: Deadlocks come in various types and styles, allowing businesses to choose a locking mechanism that best suits their needs. Some deadlocks are keyless and operate with smart technology, while others require a traditional key for access.

Longevity: Deadlocks are durable and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective investment for businesses. Built for endurance, these locks stand the test of time and will remain reliable for extended periods of use.

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Are you frustrated with the number of lock-related problems in your commercial space? At Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, we understand the importance of keeping your business secure. So we offer top-quality commercial locksmith services in Sherman Oaks and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians can install all commercial lock types, including deadlocks, to ensure your business is well-protected.

We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services to our commercial clients, so if you need commercial locksmith services, do not hesitate to call us. We provide free estimates and offers to help you make the right choice for your business. Let us at Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe team be your trusted commercial security partner.

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