Mortise lock and cylindrical lock are two of the most common options for residential doors. They may seem like they are the same thing but they are actually different types of locks. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand what each one is, their functions, and when to use them. This way, you can make the best choice for your needs. 

What is a mortise lock?

A mortise lock is a type of lock installed into the door instead of being surface-mounted. It typically consists of a lock chassis with a latch bolt, operable trim, levers or knobs, and roses or escutcheon plates behind the trim. In addition, a mortise cylinder is prepared into the door face for keyed functions.

A side view of a mortise lock

How do you install a mortise lock?

Mortise locks require a pocket or mortise in the door’s edge to work properly. In addition, the installer must drill a hole in the door’s face for the trim and cylinders. Depending on the function of the lock, you may also need to drill other holes in the door’s face.

Face preps and latch bolt placements can vary significantly from manufacturer to the next, so choosing a lock that will work with your specific needs is important. In addition, although they are relatively easy to install, some locks may require a few extra steps to get them set up correctly.

Why install a mortise lock on an external door?

There are many good reasons to install a mortise lock. A mortise lock is a type of door lock that is much more secure than a conventional lock. It has several notches and levers that work together, making it very difficult for someone to break in.

Modern mortise locks, in contrast to older versions, come in various sizes to suit the requirements of any specific door you may have at home. For better security, you can always get advice from a reputable locksmith specialist on combining your mortise locks with other hardware components of your home security system.

Mortise locks provide an extra level of security for your home. You can lock the door from the inside, outside, or either side by installing a mortise lock. It makes it perfect for front doors, providing protection when entering or leaving your home.

Do you have small kids in the household? Children’s rooms often contain a “passing function” on their mortise locks, which allows the door to latch or shut without locking. It is perfect for keeping children safe while they play.

If you own a commercial space, know that a mortise lock is a type of commercial-grade door lock. It is very strong and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it a good choice for doors that need to be extra secure.

What is a cylindrical lock?

A cylindrical lock, or a knob lock, is screwed into the door and then concealed by the door handle. It can function with or without an additional deadbolt.

How is a cylindrical lock installed?

A locksmith drills two holes of equal size to install this type of lock. The first hole is for installing the lock body on the door’s surface, while the other hole is for the latch bolt on the door’s edge. The process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Why install a cylindrical lock on an external door?

There are many benefits to installing cylindrical locks, including the ease of replacement and rekeying. Cylindrical locks are also very effective against bump keys. So, cylindrical locks are a great option if you are looking for a safe and secure lock for your home or business.

Cylindrical locks typically require a separate deadbolt, which involves drilling additional holes to receive the separate deadbolt. A mortise lock with a built-in deadbolt is stronger and more secure than a separate one. However, drilling another hole in your door can weaken it and make it more vulnerable to forced entry.

If you are looking for a practical and affordable way to secure your home, then cylinder locks are a great option. However, it is important to note that they may not provide the same level of security as mortise locks. To ensure your home is as safe as possible, consider adding additional locks or investing in a security system.

A locksmith installing a cylindrical lock on a door

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