Installing magnetic locks on doors and windows is one way to enhance the security of your home or business premises. Magnetic locks are often considered some of the most secure types available, as they are exceptionally reliable and difficult to hack. Due to their higher level of protection, these locks have become ever more popular in recent years. Additionally, these locks are simple to install and give users faster access.

What Exactly Are Magnetic Locks?

Electromagnetic locks, also known as maglocks, work using the basic principles of electromagnetism. A typical electromagnetic lock has several components, including an armature plate and an electromagnet. When electricity is applied, the electromagnet becomes magnetized and attracts the armature plate, creating a locking mechanism.

Magnetic lock for doors

Mag Lock Operation

Magnetic locks can be opened using different methods, which are as follows:

  1. The system is connected to a buzzer and manually operated to release the locks when opening the door.
  2. The system uses a keypad that requires numerical codes to activate the locking mechanism.
  3. The system makes use of card readers.
  4. Fingerprint scanners can be used to operate door locks magnetically. In addition, many sophisticated technologies check the entrance with biometric scanners, such as the eyes and the face. 
  5. An access control system can verify a user’s identity and unlock doors for authorized users. Some access control systems also feature smartphone applications allowing remote door locking and unlocking. 
  6. An automatic unlocking system that uses a sensor to disengage the magnetic lock when a person approaches the door.

What Benefits Do Magnetic Locks Offer?

Magnetic locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique mechanism and affordability compared to similar lock systems. They are lightweight with a compact design and consume little energy, making them ideal for various applications. In addition, they have a simple control mechanism and are built to last.

Benefits of Installing Magnetic Locks

Quick Operation: These locks are designed for quick and easy operation — perfect for high-traffic areas like offices and organizations. With an on and off button, they can be used quickly and effectively, making them a great choice for busy environments.

Durable: Magnetic locks are more resistant to wear and tear than standard locks, making them a more effective and longer-lasting option for your security needs. In addition, these locks have no moving parts, further increasing their durability. These locks generally last as long as the door itself.

A magnetic lock kit

Strong: Classified as “high security,” these locks can resist physical force. It means that even when tools like crowbars are used in an attempt to pick the lock, they are unlikely to cause any damage.

Safety: Magnetic locks are fail-safe devices that automatically unlock when the power is disconnected. It can be extremely beneficial in emergencies, such as fires, where people must quickly escape a building. In addition, magnetic locks save valuable time by avoiding the need to unlock multiple doors.

Enjoy Magnetic Locks’ Convenience and Security

When installing magnetic locks, safety should be a top priority. While you can install them safely at home, we recommend always contacting the nearest locksmith. They will be well aware of the installation procedure and the safety codes to avoid risk.

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