Do you need a car key replacement? It can be a challenge to know where to go and who to trust to get the job done correctly. Replacing a lost car key is much easier than most people think, but it can take a while. Whether you lost your keys or they have been broken, you will need to know the process for replacing your car key. This feature will show you how to replace your car key in the quickest and most efficient way.

When to Purchase a Car Key Replacement

Your key does not work

As your car key ages, it may deteriorate and lose its original shape. In extreme cases, it may break or bend, rendering it useless. Some newer keys feature wireless codes or laser etchings that the car can read to verify they are the right ones. Although this is excellent for security, tampering with these codes can make a good key useless. Another major issue is integrating a broken remote inside a working key.

Your key is lost

Losing your car key can be frustrating, especially if you think there is still a chance of finding it. If you have an extra key, you can put off replacing it until you find the original. But if you do not have any spares, start looking for replacement options immediately. It should not be hard, as most locksmith services replace keys without needing the original.

How to Get Your Car Key Replacement

Have your Vehicle Information Number (VIN) ready

You must know your vehicle identification number (VIN) if you need to replace your car key. You can find the VIN on the dashboard on the driver’s side, where it can be seen through the window. VIN can also be on the car’s frame, trunk, door jam. Sometimes it is between the carburetor and windshield washer, or in front of the engine block. Check your auto insurance information if you are unsure where your car’s VIN is. It should be in the upper-left corner of every page. 

Call an automotive locksmith specializing in car key replacement

Older vehicles, especially those from non-luxury brands, tend to have simpler keys that are easier to change. In many cases, calling a local auto locksmith will take care of everything. It can also save you much money compared to going to a dealership.

However, cars have become more technologically advanced, and so too, have their keys. Many newer models have keys with complex designs that can be difficult for a locksmith to replicate. In addition, some keys require programming to function with a particular vehicle. While some locksmiths can digitally program replacement keys, many cannot replicate a code that has been laser engraved onto the key.

If you have a new key that a locksmith can create but cannot program, you will have to go to the dealership to complete the process. Remember that having the module programmed at the dealership can be very expensive, so explore all your options before making a decision.

Go to your dealership to replace a sophisticated key fob

If your car key has extra security features, in this case, the only way to get a replacement key is to order one from the manufacturer, which can take a couple of weeks. However, some dealerships may be able to provide a discount or warranty coverage for this expense. Again, the best way to find out is to visit the dealership where you purchased the vehicle and ask about your options.

Car Key Replacement: Cost Versus Reliability

Many different types of car keys are available on the market nowadays. Keyless entry systems are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several advantages over traditional keys. However, if one of these keys breaks, you must order a new one. You can do it relatively easily and cheaply online, but it is usually better to purchase through a dealership.

You can program certain keys by yourself at home, while others need professional programming. Sometimes, the factory does the programming and then sends it to the purchaser. Doing some research ahead of time on pricing can help you avoid future frustration.

Locksmith Near Me

If you have misplaced your car key and do not have the original, a cost-effective solution is to call a car locksmith. With our years of experience and licensed professional locksmiths, Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe offers quick and dependable locksmith service. 

Car key replacement and key fob programming are just two of the many locksmith services that Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe provides. In addition, a 24-hour locksmith is always accessible to take your call in case of an emergency. Call us now for free estimates on all your lock and key needs.

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