Installing a window lock is one of the basic steps you can take to protect your home and family. Windows are among the most vulnerable points in your house that need extra security. Installing security locks is the most effective way to enhance the security of your windows. As there are many options for security locks on the market, finding one that fits your particular needs can take time and effort. In this blog post, our lock and key service professionals have tips for choosing a better security lock for windows.

Tips for Choosing the Best Window Lock

Tip #1: Choose window lock according to the window type

Although most homes have single-hung, double-hung, or sliding windows, many different types exist. So before shopping for security locks, determine what kind of window you have first to determine the best type of locks compatible with your existing windows.

Once you know what kind of windows you have at home, you can choose the right type of locks. For example, sash locks and security bars work with standard sliding windows, while keyed locks and latches are the standards on double-hung and single-hung windows. Again, you can ask your local locksmith Sherman Oaks technician for expert advice.

Tip #2: Weigh the benefits of your window lock options

There are wide varieties of window locks, so deciding which is right one for you can be overwhelming. However, our locksmith Los Angeles specialists have the details of most lock types.

Window latch

A window latch holds the sashes of a single/double-hung or casement-style window in place. You must reinforce them with another type of lock to protect the windows effectively.

Keyed lock

Keyed locks are ideal for single, double, and sliding windows. They are easy to install and maintain but offer less security than other kinds like deadbolts.

Child safety latch

Child safety latches restrict the movement of children by making it harder for them to open windows. As a result, they effectively keep children in but do little to keep intruders out.

Pin lock

Pin locks are inexpensive, can work with any window, and do not require extra keys. In addition, the two parts attach to create a bond that is difficult to break.

Sash lock

Sash Locks are frequently used on sliding windows. They lock the sash of the window and prevent it from opening. They come in various finishes to complement your sash window’s style.

Bar lock

These locks are great for securing partially-open windows, like windows with AC units. Bar locks prevent a partially-opened single-hung or slider-type window from completely opening.

Tip #3: Install locks on upper-level windows if you have small children

Many homeowners install locks on ground-level windows but not on upper-level windows. Residential locksmith experts suggest installing safety locks on windows facing outward from upper levels. They not only keep kids from opening the windows and falling out, but they also prevent intruders from accessing less secure windows. Families living in high-rise condominiums or apartment buildings must secure their windows with child safety latches.

Tip #4: Go for locks made of steel or aluminum

When choosing a window security lock, it is best to avoid ones made of plastic, so choose steel or aluminum. Plastic locks do not offer adequate protection, unlike metal locks, which are far stronger and less likely to break under immense force.

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