A gate lock is an essential element of any home security system. However, with so many lock options for gates, deciding which one is right for your house can take time and effort. Thankfully, our locksmith Sherman Oaks professionals are here to give expert advice on choosing gate locks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gate Lock

The gate lock must be weather resistant

A gate is typically outside, so any lock you choose must be weatherproof. It is generally not ideal for installing electronic door locks on external gates, as they are only weather-resistant on one side. The side of the lock that is found inside the gate is not. Using this type of lock on a gate can cause the lock to break down quickly.

The gate’s configuration

Most gate locks require the swing side of the gate to be near the gate’s stationary post. Therefore, any locking mechanism must pass through the gap between the gate and the stationary post for the gate to be secure. Ideally, the gap should be less than one inch wide. Unfortunately, many old gates have excessively large gaps, which will necessitate considerable modifications. When installing a gate box on a gate made of steel square tubing, a residential locksmith can cover the gap by welding a cover in the gate box.

Is a gate box needed?

A gate box is a box attached to the gate by welding or other means. We install a box according to the type of lock you need. For example, some gate locks (like keyed latch, hasp, or a chain with a padlock) do not require a gate box. However, a gate box is necessary to install door hardware such as a deadbolt or a keyless lock. A mobile locksmith can install the gate box and lock for you.

Do you want a gate closer?

Want your gate to close and lock automatically? If so, you need a gate closer—either a Kant-Slam gate closer or a springs/pneumatic gate closer. The cost of a gate closer varies depending on which you wish to buy. This installation can also be done with the help of your local locksmith Los Angeles.

Different Gate Lock Options


Choose a high-security padlock resistant to bolt cutters, hacksawing, hammering, and prying. If you do not want to deal with keys, go for a padlock with a keyless dial combination. These locks unlock by rotating a dial with numbers on them.

Keyed Latches

Latches that require keys comprise a standard sliding latch, a keyhole, and a back-and-forth sliding bolt that locks into place when the gate closes and unlocks with the appropriate key.

Keyed Gate Locks

Keyed gate locks are a gate latch, gate lockbox, gate lock, gate handle, and gate stop all rolled into one. They mount on standard gate designs and swing and slide gates.

Mechanical Keyless Gate Locks

You only need to punch in your code with mechanical keyless locks. Although mechanical gate locks only accept one code, this is sufficient in most cases.

Electronic Keyless Gate Locks

Smart locks utilize Bluetooth, fingerprint recognition, an OLED display, and anti-peep touchscreen technologies. Nonetheless, bear two things in mind—the additional cost and the need for a weather-resistant model.

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