As we inch closer to the holiday season, it is important to consider home safety. As temperatures drop and burglars take advantage of the darker nights with early hours, physical protection is more important than ever. Hence, checking on your front door lock is an important way to ensure it is secure and weather-proofed before settling down for the night. But how sure are you that your front door lock is safe this season?

How to Secure Your Front Door Lock

This holiday season, take steps to secure your home and belongings to avoid becoming a victim of theft. Whether you have a standard deadbolt or a smart lock deadbolt, follow these tips to help keep your property safe:

Always check your front door lock

Locking your doors is important, but you must also ensure they are properly installed and functioning. Common door lock problems include misaligned locks, a broken deadbolt lock, and deadbolts that do not fully extend. Though these may not seem a big deal, they can leave your home vulnerable to break-ins. So be sure to inspect your locks and make necessary repairs or adjustments regularly. Also, remember to always lock all of the doors when you leave, even if you are only stepping out for a minute.

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Have complete control over your door lock keys

Your keys are one of the essential things to keep track of. Losing them can be a major inconvenience and even put you in danger. So see to it you always know where your keys are and take steps to protect them.

One way to protect your keys is to make sure you have control of all the copies. Keep track of who has copies of your keys, and get new locks made as needed. It is a simple step that can help you feel more secure.

It is also important to be careful about whom you give your keys to. For example, an unlicensed locksmith service can create duplicate keys from just a few pictures. So ensure when handing out your spare keys it is for a good reason. When you do need to give someone a key, make sure they return it when they are done. For example, when you take your vehicle to a locksmith service, only give the key to the attending car locksmith. Sadly, some made the mistake of giving out their complete set of keys, which included the house key.

Consider a smart door lock

Installing a smart lock is an excellent approach to improve the security of your home. However, you must consider a few things before you decide to have one. For example, you can replace your entire deadbolt lock or only the internal mechanism of your existing deadbolt. 

Replacing the entire deadbolt is more secure as it makes it more difficult for thieves to pick the lock. In addition, a full replacement gives you a wider range of products to choose from and lets you install a keypad on the exterior of your door. Thus, friends and family can enter without needing a fob or smartphone. Meanwhile, replacing just the internal locking mechanism allows you to keep your existing key and open your door with your smartphone. However, this option is less secure, as it is still vulnerable to key loss or theft.

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