Falling victim to a house lockout looks like a scene right out of a sitcom. But it happens more often than people imagine, and the stress that ensues is not funny. People who lock themselves out of their houses know how bothersome the experience can be. So, if this was never your case, what can you do to never fall victim to a house lockout?

How to Prevent a House Lockout

Tip # 1: Keep a spare house key in your car

Keeping your house and car keys separate will help you avoid locking out of both. Have a spare car key and a spare house key in the car. You can never be shut out of one of the two as long as you have one of them. Make sure your spare house key is well hidden within the vehicle, where an intruder cannot discover it. Avoid keeping the spare key in the glove compartment, as it is the first place burglars would look. Likewise, do not attach it to the bumper magnetically, as it can easily dislodge and be lost.

Tip # 2: Use a lockbox in case a house lockout happens

A lockbox is a portable key safe that you can hang on a door handle or attach to the wall to keep a key safe in it. You can manually put your spare keys in it and lock it with a code or password. Some homeowners keep their lockboxes in plain sight, which also works, but a hidden locker is unquestionably safer than an obvious one. Just make sure everyone in your household knows the code. This way, you will always have a key outside without exposing your house to intruders.

Tip # 3: Give a spare key to a neighbor or a family member nearby

Do you have a neighbor you can trust? Do you live near your parents or cousins? Then turn them into your living lockbox. Stashing a spare key at your neighbor’s is a fantastic way to ensure you have a backup key if you forget or lose yours. Someone trustworthy and nearby with a key is beneficial in lockouts and emergencies.

Tip # 4: Replace your old door locks and keys with new ones

Stuck locks and broken keys are the most common reasons homeowners are locked out of their homes. You will need to call for lock replacement services as soon as possible. If your keys have been bent or worn down, you should have a professional locksmith duplicate them. That way, you do not risk locking yourself out in the middle of the night.

Tip # 5: Upgrade your locks to smart locks to prevent house lockout

A smart lock unlocks without requiring the use of a key. Keypad combination, fingerprint, and even eye-scanning locks are some of the most popular smart locks. For example, a smart lock on your door will eliminate the need for a physical key while protecting your home from intruders.

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