Security is of great importance in today’s world. It is important to understand the techniques for safe cracking and the security breaches they might cause. In case you were wondering, safe cracking is the art of manipulating locks and is useful if you ever forget your codes. Yet, this is a skill often used by criminals. The more we know about this, the better we can protect the things inside our safes. 

In this blog, we will explore safe cracking techniques and the security breaches that result. We also will discuss the old ways versus the new ways that criminals used to crack safes. Finally, we will look at the best preventive measures to reduce these risks. In a world that is becoming more dangerous, you need this information to protect yourself and your possessions better.

What Is Safe Cracking?

Professional locksmiths and security experts are usually the ones who open safes without a combination or key. This process is called “safe cracking.” This term is usually used to describe methods that manipulate the lock to gain access. They do this instead of using destructive methods, like drilling or cutting, to open the safe.

In movies and pop culture, people link safe cracking with crime. But, it is a real and vital skill for locksmiths and security pros. It has proven to be effective in helping clients who have lost their keys or forgotten their security codes. Additionally, they come in very handy when someone needs quick access to items in a damaged safe. The techniques used aim to address these issues in a timely and secure manner.

Traditional and Modern Safe Cracking Methods

There are two main types of safe cracking methods: traditional and modern. To open a safe without the key or combination, a professional locksmith uses different tools and methods for each type.

Traditional Safe Cracking Methods

Lock Manipulation

This method involves turning the dial. Then, you listen or feel for clicks or changes to get the correct combination. This technique takes a great deal of time, as well as an extensive knowledge of the internal mechanism of the lock.

A locksmith doing lock manipulation during safe cracking


These are mechanical devices that try every possible combination until they find the correct one. Even though this method works, it can take a long time because there are millions of possible code combos.


The locksmith drills a tiny hole into the safe. It lets you view the locks inside and open the safe without the combination. Keep in mind, though, that you still need to fix the hole after opening the safe. To avoid damaging any contents of the safe, you should have a pro handle this process.

Modern Safe Cracking Methods

Electronic Cracking

Modern safes often use electronic locks. Sometimes, special tools or techniques can bypass these. A safe locksmith can get around or crack them by making use of the design flaws or bugs in the lock’s software.


A locksmith inserts a borescope, which is a small camera on a flexible rod, into a drilled hole. By looking at the lock’s internal workings, he can figure out the combination.

Thermal Imaging

With the use of high-grade thermal imaging cameras, one can detect the heat left by fingers on a keypad. After that, thermal imaging can reveal the digits of the combination.

Radiographic Imaging

Similar to an X-ray, this method uses radiation to create an image of the lock’s internal mechanisms.

Magnetic and Vibration-Based Methods

These methods use magnets or vibrations to manipulate the lock’s components and open the safe.

It is important to note that professional locksmiths and security experts can use these methods to help safe owners. However, note that some criminals also learn to use these techniques for illegal activities. That is why safe manufacturers continuously work to improve their designs and make their safes resistant to these safe cracking methods.

How Can You Prevent Unauthorized Safe Cracking?

To protect your safe from unauthorized safe cracking, here are some measures you can take:

Choose a Strong Safe

Consider investing in a premium quality safe that is specially designed to withstand safe-cracking techniques. When shopping for a safe, go for safes made of strong materials. It should also have sturdy locks and proven resistance to attacks.

Use a Durable Locking Mechanism

Choose a safe that has a robust locking system, like a biometric lock, an electronic keypad, or a secured combination lock. Ensure that the lock meets industry standards and is resistant to manipulation or hacking attempts.

A thief doing safe cracking

Limit Access

Control and limit access to the safe by providing access only to authorized individuals. Use unique combinations or access codes for each user. It is also ideal to update or change these codes often to stay secure.

Regular Maintenance

Do regular checks and maintenance on the safe to find any possible weak spots or signs of tampering. It involves looking for signs of damage or wear on the lock, hinges, and any electrical parts.

Why Hire a Trustworthy Locksmith?

Expertise and Skills

A reliable locksmith has the skills and expertise to open the safe, causing no unnecessary damage. They understand the workings of various types of safes and locks. A reliable safe locksmith can use the most appropriate method to crack the safe.


Locksmiths often come into contact with sensitive or personal information when they open safes. A reliable locksmith respects client confidentiality and keeps any information they come across strictly private.


An experienced locksmith can improve safe security. They can advise on safe risks after opening. Plus, they can provide suggestions on how to prevent unauthorized access.

Emergency Services

A lot of trustworthy locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their services can help you get to your valuables quickly and easily if you get locked out of your safe.

Peace of Mind

You can be confident that your safe is in the hands of a reliable expert. Your valuables and private information will be safe with them because you can be sure they will treat your safe with care and respect.

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