How often do you think about your car keys? For most people, it is only when they cannot find them! Keys are vital components of any vehicle, yet many car owners do not take the time to familiarize themselves with them. Are you curious about the intricate differences between the different kinds of automotive keys? This blog will provide a comprehensive overview of keys for cars. After reading, you should know more about this essential automotive hardware!

The First Car Keys

Did you know that early cars did not have starter keys? It is surprising but true. In the 1910s, there were keys for doors and to lock the ignition, but not to start the car. Chrysler introduced the starter mechanism in 1949. It was also when the first auto keys came to be. They were a lot like house keys today and only had one side. After that, “flip keys” prototypes came to be in the 1950s, and the double-sided keys in the 1960s.

The Different Kinds of Car Keys

Mechanical Car Keys

Keys cut by a machine are some of the oldest types of car keys. These traditional keys are the most basic ones that work for older vehicles without any security encoding. These keys are not secure because they are the most basic variant. Standard blank keys can make copies of mechanically cut keys.

A traditional type of car key

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys work like regular mechanical keys, but they have electronic components in the head of the key. It allows the key to communicate with the car and confirm validity. Transponder keys must be programmed into the vehicle’s ECU to start the car. That is usually a job for a car locksmith or dealership.

Laser-Cut Transponder Keys

Laser-cut transponder keys are a great option for anyone looking for extra security. Cutting these keys requires a locksmith with expertise in rekeying and automotive locksmithing. Often, these keys can be made for less than what you would pay at the dealership.

Switchblade Car Key (Flip Style Car Key)

Flip-style keys are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact design. A flip key contains a blade key that pops up once you push the button. This key type easily and conveniently stores in pockets, bags, or wallets.

Remote Car Keys

The technology of auto keys has come a long way, with options such as laser-cut and even remotely powered varieties available. With a simple button press, users can lock or unlock their vehicle at close range without needing to fiddle around with a physical key. However, starting the engine still requires inserting the key into the ignition, unlike more advanced smart keys.

A transponder car key

Smart Car Keys

These keys are one of the latest types of keys used by vehicle manufacturers. These allow you to fire up your vehicle with just a single press. Smart car keys eliminate the need to manually insert a key into the ignition to drive the car.

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