Those considering buying a safe home often wonder if they are worth the money. Buying a safe is easy if you know what you are doing and how safes work. You can search the Internet long and hard to find the best safes in the industry, but you can never be confident that you are purchasing the best product. To help you out, our safe installation Los Angeles specialists will walk you through the most relevant information about residential safes.

Safe Types for Residential Use

Choosing the best safe for your needs will be easier if you are familiar with the types of safes for residential applications.

Basic Fire Resistant Safes

Despite their limited security, these safes are fireproof and can safeguard your important documents in case of a house fire. Their fire ratings are inferior (they are fire-resistant but not fireproof) and can withstand fire for one hour or less. These entry-level safes are ideal for people on a tight budget. 

A basic fire safe will do if you only want to protect important documents at home, such as a will, property or automobile titles, and other documents that are important to you but would be useless to a burglar. These are generally available at your local big-box retail store.

Burglar Resistant Safes (Burglar Fire Safes)

A burglary safe would be an upgrade from a fire safe as it offers better security. These safes are ruggedly built to give superior protection against burglary and fire and provide a good defense against an extensive range of attack weapons. Burglar-resistant safes are heavy, and in the world of safes, being hefty nearly always translates to being “secure.” They are available in wall, floor, and stand-alone configurations. Although these safes are usually fireproof, checking the fire rating before buying is always a good idea.

Rifle and Gun Safes

If you have firearms and children at home, you would definitely want a safe gun. Gun safes come with thicker steel (14 gauge steel being the industry standard). While gun cabinets unlock with a key, gun safes have more secure, tamper-resistant locking mechanisms. In addition, most (though not all) gun safes have a fire rating, which makes them even better than gun cabinets. That is perfect if you have a valuable collection, including some irreplaceable guns, that you must protect against theft and fire. Discuss the various models’ fire resistance and fireproof ratings with your locksmith. You should also factor in the size of your collection when making a decision.

Jewelry Safe

If you seek to safeguard your priceless jewelry and other valuables, go for jewelry safe. These safes store and protect jewelry. Unlike other types of safes, jewelry safes have chests with fabric-lined interiors and other luxurious features to help you organize, store, and enjoy your jewelry. In addition, they are available in various standard paint finishes, wood types, interior fabric colors, and hardware options. 

Do not be fooled by the delicate interior, though. Jewelry safes use the most sophisticated materials and construction processes. In addition, they are available in different protection levels, with or without fire protection, to give the ideal security solution for your specific needs.

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