Every home needs a safe and secured space where valuables like cash, jewelry, and documents can be kept. Not only does it help to keep things secured from theft, but it also minimizes damage during natural disasters. Therefore, consideration must be given to installing a home safe to protect valuables. Given the advancements in technology, there are modern types of home safes that ensure better safety and security. This blog will explain the various types of safes for homes if you are planning a new safe installation.   

Advantages of Home Safes

The primary benefit of installing home safes is that it makes sure your valuables get added security and protection. It will only allow those with the combination to access the contents of a safe. For example, documents like a Social Security Card, tax information, Insurance Policies, etc., can stay protected in case of a fire, heavy storms, flooding, burglary, etc. Moreover, you can keep guns or other dangerous things out of the reach of children. 

While a safe deposit at a bank or institution gives you a safe and secured spot to keep your belongings, it might not be as convenient as a home safe. You have access to the home safes at any time, but you need to wait till business hours start if you keep valuables at a bank. It also provides a better sense of security when you know the valuables are kept securely at your home. 

Having a safe helps you protect your belongings from fire as well as water damage. Fire and water emergencies can occur due to various reasons at residential properties. Protecting life and valuables is a priority for homeowners when such emergencies arise. A fireproof safe lets you save the documents and other valuables from getting damaged in a fire.  

Types of Safes for a Home

When you know the various options available among home safes, it becomes easier to choose the right one for your home. Here are some of the common types of safes you can consider for your home. 

  • Wall safes – This is one of the most popular types of safe used in homes. Wall safes are installed to the studs in the wall, and they can be hidden using a bookshelf, wall painting, etc. It is ideal for storing cash or other valuable documents. 
  • Floor safes – It is either cemented into the basement or built into the floorboard. Since it is narrow, it can be easily fit in between the floorboards. It can be hidden using carpet or furniture. 
  • Gun safes – This type of safe is recommended if you require a safe place to keep weapons away from children. It can be made tall or thin, depending on the type of weapon you want to hide. 
  • Freestanding safes – If you are looking for a budget-friendly option in home safes, you can probably opt for a free-standing safe. Since it is heavy and bulky, it cannot be carried away easily. Most of the free-standing safes have fire-resistant features. 
  • Jewelry safes – To protect precious jewelry or gems, you can consider installing jewelry safes. It is generally made in steel and will have advanced locking systems which cannot be easily broken. 
  • Fire-resistant safes – For protecting valuable documents from fire damage, you can choose a fire-resistant safe. Though it does not provide higher security, these types of safes are fire-resistant. 

Where to install a Safe? 

As every home is unique, there is no one foolproof location that is common to all homes for safe installation. Listed below are some of the places which are considered more secure. 

  • Hidden in the floor

If you are planning to install a smaller safe, then you can embed it on the floor. This is possible if the floor is made of cement and doesn’t work for wooden floors. 

  • In the wall

You can choose a thick wall inside the home to install the safe. It is easy to hide with wall décor or painting, and it is easily accessible for you. 

  • Inside the furniture  

One of the best ways to keep the safe hidden is by installing it inside the furniture and against the wall. By choosing the right location inside the house, you can prevent burglary attempts by using this type of security safe.

  • Inside the cabinet 

If you need an easy installation, then the best place is inside one of the cabinets. Though it is easy to install and provides quick access, it might not offer much security. However, you can install a safe inside the cabinet for storing moderately essential things. 

Why hire a professional to install a Safe?

The primary goal of installing home safes is to improve the safety and security of important documents, precious jewelry, etc. Hiring a professional, safe installation company is extremely important to ensure proper safe installation. Given their experience and knowledge, a professional company can easily move it to your home, choose the right location, and install it properly.

Moreover, home safes are heavy and sometimes bulky. Safe installation companies have professional equipment to move it to your home and perform the installation. They take the necessary precaution to protect your floor or wall while installing the safe. Professional installers have insurance in case of any unlikely incidents during installation.   

How can we help you?

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