Security is a top priority for every home and business owner. Making sure your family and livelihood are protected is paramount, so your door hardware must be properly maintained and replaced when needed. So, when do you need new locks for your home or commercial property?

When to change residential door locks

Door locks are your home’s first line of defense against intruders, and they are also the most vulnerable layer of a home security system. There are many situations in which you might be convinced that it is time to buy a new lock for your home.

  • Relationship change

If you had ended a relationship recently, whether with your spouse or a dating partner, it is wise to change your door locks to prevent that person’s unwanted access to your home. The ex-partner may still have spare keys to your home after the breakup, so changing your locks can help thwart potential troubles. The same goes if you had fallen out with a friend or roommate.

  • Lost or stolen keys

Definitely change your locks if your keys have been lost or stolen. While it is simple to get replacement keys, remember that your lost or stolen keys are in the hands of a stranger who could have access to your home when you are out. It is good practice to replace your locks whenever you lose your keys.

  • Moved to a new residence

Change locks if you are moving to a new residence occupied by someone else before you. Realtors and previous owners or tenants may have copies of the keys to your new home. If you worry about the cost, change at least the locks of all the exterior doors.

  • Break-in

If a break-in has victimized you, one of the first things you should do is to have a residential locksmith change the locks of your doors immediately. A damaged lock compromises your security and can lead to further break-ins.

When to change commercial door locks

Your business’ security plan includes several layers of protection — and door locks are just one brick in the wall. Experts suggest changing locks every seven years, but many factors may necessitate changing locks sooner.

  • Wear and tear

Commercial locks are generally designed with long-term durability in mind. However, time and constant use will eventually depreciate even the most heavy-duty locks. It is good practice to replace your commercial locks before reaching the end of their life and stop working efficiently.

  • Out-of-date locks

If your business property still uses outdated locks, you may consider upgrading to a more modern lock system. More and more businesses are moving from mechanical locks to keyless lock systems for good reasons. Smart locks are known to offer better security than their mechanical counterparts. A professional commercial locksmith can recommend which type of locks may be better suited for your business.

  • Harsh weather conditions

One of the most common causes of lock issues is the changing weather conditions. As temperatures fluctuate, your mechanical door locks may jam, or your keys may break or get stuck into them. Switching to keyless locks can minimize lock problems like these because they do not require a key to be inserted in order to work.

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