Home safes are not a luxury but a necessity for both residential and commercial properties. There are many benefits of installing a home safe than storing your valuables in a bank’s safety deposit box. Though banks have advanced security and alarm systems, the safe contents are hardly covered by insurance. In most cases, home safes are covered under the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. Furthermore, when you store important documents like passports, funerary directives, etc., you need to wait until the bank opens to access them. In case of emergencies, this can turn out to be a real inconvenience, especially on weekends. 

On the positive side, having a security safe at home allows you to protect your valuables like documents, jewelry, and other items so that they are safe and secured. Not only does the safe protects valuables from fire or water damage, but it also prevents burglars from snatching them. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to have a home safe installed. 

Ten things you can store in home safes                                              

Given the various options available in home safes, choosing the right one for your home can be quite confusing. While you search for a safe, you should determine the size and type you need. The best way is to decide what you want to store safely and then narrow down the options accordingly. Here are ten items that you should consider storing inside the safe. 


Jewelry is one of the most-searched-for items during a burglary attempt. Storing it in a home safe ensures that it remains safe during break-ins. Moreover, you can buy jewelry safes that will have dedicated spaces to safely and securely store different types of jewelry pieces. 

Property documents 

No matter if it is a rented space or a self-owned one, the original documents of a property should be kept safe. Most importantly, any documents needed for insurance claims should be accessible in case of an unexpected event. When you have a home safe, you can keep property-related documents safely and get access to it whenever there is a need. 


In this age of credit and debit cards, having cash on hand is still essential. You need to keep in mind that a national emergency or significant catastrophe can happen. If something happens, it will limit your chance to withdraw money. Therefore, it is always smart to have some cash stored at your home in a safe. A home safe provides a suitable space to keep cash at home safely.  

Personal documents

Personal documents include birth certificates, passports, important family photographs, medical information, and social security cards. It can also include bank account documents and retirement benefits. Any document with personally identifiable information should be kept in home safes. Though you can keep them in a bank safe, you might not be able to access personal documents when you require them immediately. 

Legal documents

Another set of documents that you should keep inside safes are those of legal nature. These include the original and copies of a power of attorney, living wills, trusts, and other legal documents. 

Financial documents 

Documents related to your income tax, debts, insurance policies, etc., should be safely kept inside a home safe so that you don’t need to worry in case of floods or water damage. Moreover, if you own stocks, bonds, deeds, or titles, it needs a safe storage space. For extra protection, you can keep these documents in a waterproof bag.

Prescription medication 

This is something that you may not consider storing inside home safes. To be on the safe side and ensure that the medications are accessible to only those who need them, you can keep medicines inside a safe.  

Safety deposit box keys 

If you own a bank safety box, you may have to keep the keys safe. Though many people carry it inside their wallets or key chains, it is not a safe option. A home safe makes the ideal place to store safety deposit box keys.

Spare keys of vehicles

You may not know when you might replace the original keys of the vehicles or home. Having spare keys in your home safe makes a lot of sense in such situations. 

Family heirlooms 

There are a few things that are irreplaceable in our lives. For example, an item that is part of your family heirloom requires a safe storage space. When you have a home safe, you don’t need to worry about storage space for such things. 

What to store in a fireproof safe? 

Not to mention, a fire in the house can destroy documents, photographs, and other essential things. Therefore, it is better to opt for a fireproof safe when you buy one. A standard fireproof safe guarantees resistance from fire for up to two hours. Therefore, purchasing a fireproof safe is your best option. You can store various documents, passports, insurance papers, financial records, social security cards, digital media, computer backups, etc., inside a fireproof safe. 

Hire a professional to install a safe

While you choose a safe, various factors should be considered, ranging from the material it is made of to the location where it has to be installed. To make it an easy and hassle-free process, it is wise to work with a safe installation company. By hiring a reliable company for safe installation, you can ensure better safety and security for belongings. A safe installation company can analyze your needs and suggest the best options available with home safes

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