What is a Multipoint Lock and What Are the Benefits?

A multipoint lock is a type of locking system that uses numerous bolts to secure a door. This type of lock is commonly used on external doors because it provides enhanced security and burglar prevention. Installing a multipoint lock on your door has several advantages, including better safety and security, ease of use, and improved aesthetics. In this blog post, we’ll go over how a multipoint lock works and the advantages of installing one on your door.

How does a multipoint door lock work?

We like installing entry doors with multiple locks—a deadbolt, a chain lock, and a lock built into the handle, to name a few. A door with several locks may appear to be secure, but the problem is that the locks are all in the same place: the door’s center. The locks may give way if the top or bottom of the door is applied with pressure or blunt force. Unlike a traditional door lock, a multipoint lock comprises three different locking points. The locking system, in other words, locks the door in three separate spots: top, middle, and bottom.

The system uses a single locking mechanism, allowing you to lock all three points with the turn of a key or the draw of a handle. When you throw the deadbolt on a multipoint lock, it releases a bolt to the top and one to the bottom, giving you three deadbolts to secure the door. You don’t have to lock your door twice or three times before you know it’s safe and secure, as there is just one activation for all three points. The amount of pressure required to come through the door substantially increases, improving the door’s security significantly.

Advantages of installing multipoint locks

Increased security

Because they come with at least three deadbolts, multipoint locks provide over three times the average security level you can expect from a single deadbolt or mortice lock. Breaking through a door that is locked at three distinct points will require more time and effort. Furthermore, they can be combined with other locks, hardware, or electronic systems to improve the door’s security even more.

Reduced wear and tear of the door hinges

This type of locking system not only improves security but also reduces wear and strain on the door hinges. Unlike a single-bolt lock, a multipoint lock spreads the bulk of the door’s weight evenly between the three separate mechanisms on the locking side of the door leaf, relieving pressure on the hinges. This results in a longer lifespan of both the door and the lock.

Improved energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of a door is pretty easy with a multipoint lock system. When you close the door, the locking side of the door makes contact with the weatherstripping on the backside. When you throw the deadbolts, the door compresses at those three points, making contact with the weatherstripping evenly across the face of the door, resulting in a much more energy-efficient door system.

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