Top Reasons to Upgrade the Locks for your Home!

Door locks provide security and add functionality and charm to your home. If you want to increase both the security and curb appeal of your home, one of the best things you can do is to take advantage of new lock features on the market and upgrade your locks. Is it really worthwhile to update your door locks? Here are some compelling reasons to upgrade your door locks.

You want to increase home security

Suppose you have been the target of a burglary or an attempted break-in. In that case, you understand how critical it is to increase home security, whether by installing a house alarm, CCTV camera, or motion sensor lights. You should have a residential locksmith replace your door locks even if they do not appear to be broken because they may have been compromised.

Consider upgrading your external door locks to ones with complex cylinder makeup to deter criminals from picking them open or making a bump key type device or impression of the locks. High-security door locks with hardened steel and solid construction can also deter drilling, prying, and cutting. Combined with hardened steel bolts, high-security door locks can withstand bludgeoning attacks (kicks, battering rams, sledgehammers, shoulder hits, and so on).

You want to improve your home’s curb appeal

One of the most crucial parts of your home’s curb appeal is having a charming front door. Your front entrance has the power to make a positive first impression of your home, and upgrading the hardware on your front door (along with the locks) is a simple method to instantly improve the appearance of your property while also increasing security.

You can pair your front door handle with a traditional, double-cylinder mechanical deadbolt if you want a more traditional feel to it. If you have a beautiful Victorian-style front door, you would like to compliment it with a Victorian mortice lock. If you love the look of a handle set with keyless convenience, you can partner your front entry handle with an electronic or smart deadbolt. You can consult with a locksmith Sherman Oaks expert for the style that best fits your home.

You want more advanced lock features

The days of having to use a key to access a door are long gone. Imagine stepping up to your front door and having the lock open automatically for you. There is no need to rummage in your bag for keys or worry about misplaced keys. Smart door locks are manufactured with that convenience in mind. You can unlock or lock your front door with a single tap of the app or a swipe of the fob.

Smart door locks not only eliminate the need to carry your house keys, but many also include a built-in alarm and smart app notifications, allowing you to keep a better check on who is coming and going. Without the need to make key copies or have a spare, the risk of other people having your keys and gaining access to your home is lower.

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