The Advantages of a Master Key for an Estate?

There are numerous benefits to having a master key for an estate, but many well-informed people are unaware of them. We understand you have probably heard about the benefits at some point, and we want to be sure you understand both the benefits and drawbacks of this locking solution. Let us look into the questions you should ask yourself before deciding to rekey your property to a master the key system.

What is a master key system?

A master key system refers to a set of locks where the keys are organized in a hierarchy. In a master key system, keys are designated to unlock a number of predefined doors. The one key at the top (Grand Master key) can open all doors in the system, and keys at the bottom (Sub Master keys) can only open particular locks (like a gate key to allow access to the grounds for the gardeners and pool service). The system is more secure if there are fewer master key levels.

Why install a master key system on my property?

There are several reasons for this, the most important of which is greater security in terms of access control and restriction. For example, certain rooms on a property can be limited only to master key access, like a wine cellar and a personal office.  Another reason is that it is more convenient. You probably have seen a security guard juggling different keys for every door in a building. When one key opens multiple doors, a master key system properly designed by a master key locksmith lessens the number of keys necessary.

Do I need a master key system?

A master key system allows a property owner to gain entry to every room, building, and entry point on a property (main house, guest house, garage, front gate, wine cellar, pool area, etc.). It is essential to contact a lock and key service company to determine whether you require a master key system for your estate or property. A locksmith Sherman Oaks, for example, will thoroughly assess your home and explain why you need or do not need a master key system. This ensures that you do not waste money on items that you do not require.

What are the drawbacks of the master key system?

While there is added security with a master key system, there are still some risks. Like with any locks, a professional thief can still pick a lock on a master key system.  If they can duplicate a master key, they will have access to all locks on a property.  That is why most locksmiths also recommend adding a security system to any large home or estate.

Another risk is if someone obtains the master key of a property when your key gets lost or stolen. Once the master key is in their hands, your home becomes much more vulnerable to break-ins because that single key will unlock any door.

How can I switch to a master key system?

If you decide to switch to a master key system, a reliable residential locksmith can easily convert your present locking system to a master key system. A professional locksmith will walk you through the options so that you can create the optimal master key system for your property.

What about keyless locking systems?

More and more property owners are ditching the old lock and key system in favor of digital access control systems. For example, access control systems (often known as door entry systems) provide keyless entry and allow you to regulate who enters your property and prevent unwanted access. One of the main advantages of this system is that the access codes can be changed quickly and easily.

If you are interested in upgrading the security of your property, then Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe offers a variety of solutions to fit your needs. Our mobile locksmith professionals have extensive expertise in developing master key systems for large homes and estates and can assist you in determining the optimal locking solutions. For free estimates, please contact us right away.

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