Stop Car Break-Ins Before They Happen

Break-ins more or less account for approximately 60% of all car crimes, according to police. Even something as basic as a rolled-up window or an open door might put your car at risk. You can secure your vehicle from thieves and reduce your chances of falling victim to break-in if you follow the appropriate tips. Here’s our entire guide on avoiding car break-ins.

Theft prevention measures before you get out of your car

Don’t valuables inside your vehicle where passersby can see them

The majority of car break-in criminals are just petty opportunists. They notice something they like and decide to take it. So, make sure your valuables are out of sight before getting out of your car. These include phones, purses or wallets, bags, laptops (or its bag), shopping bags, and cash.

Be cautious where you park your car

The majority of crooks work alone. A swarm of observers with cell phones and pepper spray is the last thing they want. As a result, make your car as visible as possible. Park in a crowded area. Choose busy areas with a high volume of pedestrian and vehicular activity. If you’ll be away from your car at night, park near a lamppost or in a well-lit location. A parking lot with an attendant is preferable to one without.

Take measures to make your car a harder target for thieves

When parking, always lock your doors and roll up your windows

Crooks may notice you leaving your car unlocked and be ready to take advantage of your negligence. However, if they see that you consistently lock the doors, roll up the windows, and take the keys with you when you exit the vehicle, you’ve already taken precautions to prevent them from quickly getting in.

If you have a security system, turn it on

While there is no foolproof technique to avoid automobile theft, the best you can do is take the essential precautions to make it as difficult for thieves as possible. Simple security features like alarm systems, dash cams, car tracking devices, and power locks prevent even the most determined car thieves, so be sure they’re turned on.

Consider getting your windows tinted (if permitted by local laws)

As mentioned earlier, car break-ins are almost always chance crimes. Getting tinted windows is a wonderful approach to deter potential theft. Tinted windows give you greater privacy and prevent burglary. A thief is less likely to shatter a window if they can’t see inside your vehicle.

Use aftermarket security features

You can consider equipping your vehicle with anti-theft devices, such as steering wheel locks and alarms. These systems are activated by cutting-edge technology, such as those that can only lock and unlock the steering wheel when the key is turned on. These aftermarket technical solutions will not only secure your automobile from theft but will also notify thieves that you have taken additional security precautions.

Fix any broken or malfunctioning door lock immediately

It’s impossible to keep an eye on your vehicle all the time, that’s why manufacturers include door locks. Door locks not only enhance safety when driving by keeping the door firmly closed, but they also secure your vehicle from thieves. Make sure your car always has functional locks.

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