It could be time to change your lock if you are moving into a new house or your current door lock is giving you trouble. But if this were not the case, how can you tell whether your door lock needs to be changed? Will installation be simple? How much will it cost? While household locks usually last between five to ten years, certain circumstances can call for a lock change. 

When Should a Door Lock Be Replaced?

If You Have Damaged or Malfunctioning Locks

A lock eventually wears down, just like any other mechanism. A key can become stuck or challenging to turn due to jamming the wrong key into the lock or repeated locking and opening the door. If your door experiences this even once, it is best to be proactive and consider replacement options from your trusted locksmith, Sherman Oaks Lock & Safe, before you risk becoming locked out completely.

Rekeying a broken or worn lock will not fix the problem because it will not make a worn-out lock a new one again. The locking mechanism’s underlying issues will remain. In this case, the best thing to do is to replace the lock entirely.

If You Have Lost or Stolen Keys

Your priority should be replacing the locks on your doors if your house keys are stolen. In this case, rekeying is the best course of action, just as it would be if a family member lost track of or misplaced a key. If the only key to the lock went missing, that would be the only time you would need to replace the complete lock. However, if you do not have the original key, you will also need to replace the lock entirely.

If You Moved into a New House or a Rental

The first step to securing your privacy whenever you move into a home or apartment is replacing the old, pre-existing locks. Sadly, regardless of how many homeowners or tenants these locks have serviced, property managers and landlords will not replace locks that are still functional. That poses a possible threat because past owners or tenants may still have copies of these keys in their hands. Even though it seems improbable that any of these individuals have malicious intentions, it is best to install new locks to eliminate any possibility of a smooth break-in.

If You Experienced Break-in Recently

It is practically a must that you get your locks changed if your home or apartment has recently had a break-in. The door or locking mechanism was likely broken if the burglar forced its way in. That increases the likelihood that it will not close or lock properly. No matter what, two things are almost certain: your locks are not safe enough, and thieves will likely target you again if the burglar entered by lockpick or using a poorly hidden spare key. You can resolve both of these problems by changing the lock.

Many homeowners upgrade to more secure locks following a break-in or a series of crimes in the neighborhood. These door locks feature state-of-the-art technology that enhances and makes home security simple. For example, many modern locks use a keypad with a code to unlock the door rather than an old-fashioned key. In addition, you can conveniently change or program the set code to a new one if necessary.

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